Why You Need a Carb Cap for Your Dab Rig

Man dabs with a carb cap and quartz banger combo

Since the whole vape pen crisis, you might have decided to move on to bigger and better things. That’s right, you’ve decided to upgrade to a dab rig for those potent concentrate hits and thick clouds you’ve heard about.  But what’s next in accessories for your dab rig?  A new torch or quartz banger might … Read more

Why You Need a Quartz Banger Nail for Your Dab Rig

girl stoner vapes with quartz banger

You’re looking for a new dab rig nail and now you’re faced with some questions you’ve never had to wonder about before your glass banger nail shattered.  What kind of banger is great for hot temperatures?  What banger style should I buy?  Is a glass banger better than quartz banger?  Let’s face it, when you’re … Read more

How to Use an Herb Grinder for better sessions

Happy October, it’s spooky season and that means a month full of goblins and ghouls as we head towards the launch of our next monthly Cannabox theme, Spooky season! You just ordered your grinder online and now you’re counting down the joints until it gets there. Maybe it’s time to brush up on some grinder … Read more

The Differences Between a Blunt and a Joint

Man smokes a marijuana blunt spliff

If you’re new to the cannabis community then you might be wondering what the difference between a blunt and a joint is. One thing is for sure, they’re both a great way to smoke some weed after a long and exhausting day.   Sometimes you just need to take a break and destress a bit with … Read more



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