Glass Bongs, Vapes, & Black Friday Sales with Cannabox

Cali Crusher 4 Piece Grinder

It’s the holiday season and with that your friends at Cannabox wish you happy cannadays ahead with our sales this weekend. We’re kicking it off with a special treat because we want you to reap the benefits of being a Cannabox member by offering 15% off your Cannabox membership subscription, using our sitewide sale code … Read more

Tricks and Treats for Spooky Season with Cannabox

Man covers face while blowing smoke from cannabis weed product

Don’t miss out on enjoying a Spooky Night with some of the best ways to enjoy your cannabis with Cannabox. This time we’re taking you on a ride to different marijuana consumption methods just as spooky season is ending and we’re going into the winter months. If you’ve been following us closely you might have … Read more



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