UNBOXING: Cannabox May 2022 Shrooms

Cannabox May 2022 Shrooms Unboxing

Spring has officially sprung, and you know what they say when it comes to springtime growth-you’ve got to nourish to flourish. Of course, as a human, there’s no better way to do so, than with our two favorite *all-natural* psychedelic plants: mushrooms and marijuana.  That’s right, this month we’re digging into our love for mother … Read more

UNBOXING: Cannabox April 2022 Kush & OJ 

Cannabox April 2022 Kush & OJ Unboxing

Just like canna connoisseur Wiz Khalifa says, there’s nothing more “perfect for wake-and-bake” than Kush and OJ. So, as an homage to the modern-day industry icon’s debut (and dope!) album, this month’s box is delivering orange and juicy vibes for 420 supplies.  Now, like Wiz’s recent appearance on the Masked Singer…it’s time to unveil all … Read more

UNBOXING: Cannabox March 2022 Baked II

Cannabox March 2022 Unboxing Baked II

You loved our first Baked Cannabox so much we whipped up a second batch just for you. This time, we’re turning up the heat with even fresher cannabis accessories to get baked with.  Start spring off on a sweet note and check out the goodies that’ll elevate your ‘baked’ routines! Keep reading as we unwrap … Read more

The Ultimate Bong Buying Guide for Beginners

Bong Buyer's Guide - How to choose the perfect bong!

Let’s get real – there are so many quality bongs on the market today, it’s difficult for ‌even the most veteran of buyers and consumers to choose. For beginners, finding the best type of bong to fit their own personal style can be even more complex. From different bong sizes to materials, we’re here to … Read more

UNBOXING: Cannabox February 2022 70’s

Cannabox February 2022 70's

For most of us, we’re nearing the end of the longest, coldest season of winter. And, looking forward to hotter temps, and feeling more ‘lit’. With that in mind, Cannabox is bringing the heat with this month’s cannabis subscription box – with a throwback twist. Want to find out what cannabis accessories will inspire warm … Read more

UNBOXING: Cannabox November 2021 Blaze

Cannabox November 2021 Blaze

This month we have a theme that’s going to be familiar, and loved among by many who watched this anime growing up. Check out below for an in depth exploration of this month’s box of 420 accessories!  Cannabox Dragonball Bong Also known as a dab bong, because it can be used for dabbing or smoking … Read more

UNBOXING: Cannabox October 2021 Coven

Cannabox October 2021 Coven Unboxing

It’s officially spooky season, witches! The time for ghosts and ghouls, witches and wizards is among us (as well as that one annual post that warns parents to check their kid’s candies for edibles– because let’s be real, who is wasting weed like that?). Celebrate one of our favorite holidays with us this month by … Read more

UNBOXING: Cannabox September 2021 Noir

Cannabox September 2021 Noir

“Noir” is defined as a mood rather than a genre– however; with striking black and white contrast, often morbid themes, and edgy aesthetic– it may as well be. Founded in 1946, the term “noir” was used to put a name to anti-heroic, stark imagery found in film at the time (1940s-1950s). This month, we paid … Read more

UNBOXING: Cannabox August 2021 Desert

Cannabox Cactus Bong

Cannabox was founded in Arizona, making the desert a beloved environment for the  team. To commemorate the last few months of summer 2021, our stoner AND desert experts have curated a box to bring a piece of our home straight to your door. Cactus Mini-Bong This cactus bong stands at 4 ½”, and makes the … Read more