What is a Joint?

What is a Joint? The difference between a joint, blunt and a spliff.

What is a joint? In layman terms, a joint is simply cannabis rolled in such a way that it resembles a cigarette. Joints are arguably the most common form of consuming cannabis – mostly because of how easy it is to roll one and their portability. You can easily get away with carrying a joint … Read more

UNBOXING: Cannabox August 2020 Reefer

Cannabox August 2020 Reefer

There’s nothing quite like escaping the mid-summer heat by taking a quick trip to the beach. If you don’t have a beach, or are just social-distancing to the best of your ability, don’t worry because the pool is just as valid. That’s why this month, we’re bringing you an under-the-sea themed Cannabox with tons of … Read more

Our Terpometer Review: A Necessary Dab Rig Accessory

The Ultimate Dab Rig Accessory: Terpometer Review

If you’re a dab lover, you probably know how frustrating it can be to get the perfect level of heat for your concentrates. The Terpometer looks to make this an issue of the past. It’s an easy-to-use thermometer solution for your rig that offers accurate temperature readings in a pinch! If you’re looking for one … Read more

Dr. Dabber Switch Review: The Ultimate Desktop Vaporizer

Dr. Dabber Switch Review

Every cannabis lover knows that the search for the latest, greatest way to vape never ends. No matter how great your rig, there’s always a new piece of technology that brings envy to the eyes of you and your friends during a session. Let the Dr. Dabber Switch vaporizer be the vaporizer that finally ends that … Read more

Puffco Plus V2 Review: A Top Tier Dab Pen for 2020

Puffco Plus V2 Review: A Top Tier Dab Pen for 2020

With the growing appreciation for portable or handheld dab rigs, Puffco has revolutionized its popular edition of flavorful concentrate dab pen with its game-changing elements to create a sleek new model; the Puffco Plus V2. The newly-designed portable oil vaporizer features elements that provide the best dabbing experience for the dedicated connoisseur who enjoys to vape … Read more

UNBOXING: Cannabox July 2020 Lemon Haze

Unboxing Cannabox July 2020 Lemon Haze

Well folks, it’s officially summer! And while the dry heat or humidity (…and the pandemic) may be keeping some of us in, that’s no reason not to get into the summer spirit. This month’s theme is centered around the concept of the lemon– because what signifies the essence of summer better than the tart fruit … Read more

What You Need to Know About Using Dab Rigs

How to Use a Dab Rig

Cannabis connoisseurs around the world are embracing a potent and exciting method of using cannabis concentrates: Dabbing. Products such as wax, shatter, BHO and THC oil are distinctly stronger than their marijuana flower cousins. As such, people usually want to aim for the purest method of imbibing to deliver the most mindblowing effects. Dab rigs are … Read more

For the Dabbing Enthusiast: Top 5 Best Dabber Pens

Puffco Plus Vision Dab Pen

We’ve come a long way since the days of cannabis joints and pipes. Now, the coolest and most efficient way to take cannabis is with dab pens! These convenient little devices are discreet, portable, and best of all powerful, offering you the cleanest high possible. If you’re in the market for a good dab pen … Read more

The Focus V Carta: Our Premium Electric Dab Rig Review

Focus V Carta Dab Rig: Our Review

While smoking marijuana out of pipes and blunts is popular, many cannabis consumers are switching over to dabs. In a survey, 58% of respondents admit to dabbing at least once. The classic method of dabbing was pre-heating a nail, applying the heat to cannabis concentrate, and inhaling the vapor. But modern technology is making dabbing easier, offering portable … Read more

UNBOXING: Cannabox June 2020 Cali Daze

Cannabox June 2020 Unboxing Cali Daze

Just because we’re all (for the most part) stuck at home, doesn’t mean we can’t have a quick Cali trip! This month’s “Cali Daze” Cannabox makes us feel like we’re driving through Downtown LA with some good food and great vibes. And if you live in California, we’re celebrating your beloved state!  Palm Tree Cup … Read more



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