How to Clean a Bong

How to Clean a Bong

In the US, 12% of adults say they smoke herbs.

Are you looking to try it out for yourself? Or have you always smoked joints and want to try out bongs instead?

In any case, you need to know how to clean a bong. Otherwise, you might put your health at risk and the hits might become harsher.

Here’s a brief guide on cleaning a bong so you can have the best smoking experiences possible.

Why You Need a Smell Proof Bag

RAW Smell Proof Cone Duffle Bag Size

Every good stoner loves the smell of weed, but there are times when you don’t want to advertise the potency of your pot. What’s a cannabis connoisseur to do when you want to bring your bud with you or to keep your nuggets safe from others? The answer is a smell proof bag!  If you … Read more

How to Use A Bong

Holding Grav Bell Base Bong

Bongs have been around for centuries in some form or another. An elongated water pipe with one or multiple chambers, can be made with borosilicate glass or as a silicone bong, they’re a surefire way to get you super high. What separates these water pipes from other smoking methods is namely the water filtration, which … Read more

UNBOXING: Cannabox May 2020 Bee Happy

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Dab Pens for Beginners in 2020

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The popularity of dab pens and dabbing is growing by the day. As smokers evolve, so too does the cannabis industry, and dabbing is a prime example of weed innovation. You’ve probably heard the terms dab or dabbing before, but what exactly is a dab pen? Used to vaporize concentrated THC, a dab pen differs … Read more

RAW Cones vs Rolling Papers

RAW Smell Proof Cone Duffle Bag Lifestyle

If you’ve been in the cannabis world for more than a minute, then you’ve probably smoked your fair share of joints. But have you ever rolled your own, or stopped to think about the material you use for rolling? Believe it or not, the material you use to wrap your weed has a strong influence … Read more

UNBOXING: April 2020 “Wake n’ Bake” 4/20 Cannabox

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Well folks, it’s officially 4/20. The time that is known for iconic smoke sesh gatherings is no longer simply one hour or one day, but a whole month. We understand that the circumstances aren’t ideal, and that physical distancing can make this holiday (and holimonth) especially difficult; however, we’re positive that the goodies in this … Read more

What is a gravity bong and how does it work?

If you’re looking for a way to get super fried and are tired of your tried and true ways of smoking flower, a gravity bong might be right for you. Many people have heard of a gravity bong, but they’re not as commonly used as traditional bongs. What makes gravity bongs so special and what … Read more

Best Dry Herb Vaporizers to Use Indoors During Quarantine 2020

PAX 3 Dry Herb Vaporizer

Being stuck inside your house or apartment during quarantine is no fun. But just because you’re now a hermit doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your recreational activities. If you’re looking for a cleaner alternative to smoking flower inside, may we suggest dry herb vaping?  There are several benefits to using a dry herb vaporizer … Read more

UNBOXING: Cannabox March 2020 Tripped

Cannabox March 2020 Tripped

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