UNBOXING: Cannabox January 2022 Iridescence

Cannabox January 2022 Iridescent

This month’s stoner box is filled with a ton of cool cannabis smoking accessories. It comes with everything you need to roll up, and do so efficiently. An inexperienced cannabis smoker may not know about many of the 420 accessories that we include in our stoner boxes. Experience marijuana smokers will be happy getting a … Read more

UNBOXING: Cannabox December 2021 Holidaze

Cannabox December 2021 Holidaze

We just put together our latest stoner box filled with Christmas inspired 420 accessories. We always put a lot of effort into crafting that perfect atmosphere of cannabis smoking accessories, and still not forget about our dabbing friends. It’s also always our goal to maximize our customers spending, and all at the same time introduce … Read more

Top 10 Stoner Stocking Stuffer ideas

best cannabis stocker stuffer ideas

Check out our list of the best stoner gift ideas for stocking stuffers. We decided to make a list of some small weed and dab accessories perfect for adding to a Christmas stocking stuffer. Cannabox is the go-to online shop for all of your cannabis and dabbing accessory needs. We are one of the first … Read more

Best Cannabis Tech Buying Guide

new cannabis tech

Over the past few decades, the popularity and support behind marijuana have exploded. Cannabis products went from being largely illegal to being approved for medical use, and now recreational cannabis is quickly becoming a hot commodity.  Concentrates are quickly moving toward the forefront of the cannabis market. Naturally, along with the success of the cannabis … Read more

Ultimate Online Smoke Shop For Weed Accessories

ultimate online smoke shop for weed accessories

Cannabox has already made great strides in innovation and continues to do so to this day. Featured on many reputable cannabis news and review sites including Herb Forbes, Weed Maps, and Leafly. Originally founded in 2013 as the first official monthly cannabis accessory subscription box. This idea was definitely ahead of its time, but not … Read more

Best 420 Stoner Stickers For Sale

best stoner stickers for sale

Looking for fun and unique stoner stickers to express your enthusiasm for smoking weed? Here at Cannabox are colorful and a variety of stickers you can put on your laptop, window, car, room door, or anywhere else that you want. This list will briefly cover the eight best 420 stoner stickers that you can find … Read more

Top 15 Stoner Christmas Gifts For Him And Her

best 15 stoner gifts for sale

Christmas is right around the corner! Check out this year’s list of gift recommendations for stoners, or for treating yourself. We have put together the most comprehensive list of cannabis smoking accessories for the perfect gifts. Also mixed into the list is our suggestions of the best dab accessories for sale at our online smoke … Read more

The Best Rolling Paper Brands For Sale

best rolling paper brands for sale

With the incredible technological advances that have been made in the cannabis world, it can be easy to forget about joints. However, for as long as smoking has been a thing people have done, rolling papers have been the primary smoking method. There’s something serene and ritualistic about the process of rolling a joint.  They’re … Read more

Stundenglass Gravity Bong Flip Review

gravity flip bong for sale

Introducing the gravity bong – redefined!  The Stundenglass is a unique innovation that has taken the basic idea of a gravity bong and turned it into the best possible version of itself. Available at our online smoke shop, this incredible, innovative hourglass gravity bong will change the way you smoke. What Are Gravity Bongs?  A … Read more

Top 10 Best Rolling Trays

top 10 best rolling trays for sale

Rolling trays are a vitally important and unappreciated accessory. Too often, people will prep their weed on a dirty table or have to find a book and use it as a makeshift flat surface. If you find yourself constantly picking crumbs and hairs out of your weed, or using random objects to roll a joint … Read more