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Top 5 Ultimate Indica Strains for Relaxation in 2019

Though summertime might mean beach days and hanging out with buddies, many of us still carry around stress. And after a long day at the office or a busy day, you might be thinking about how you’re going to wind down and relax. That’s where Indica strains come in. 

Now, everyone uses different methods to relax. Some people enjoy having a few beers after work and others prefer to go on a long walk followed with some deep breathing. While those methods are certainly great for helping you relax, sometimes you just want to smoke some weed and relax away with an Indica strain.

For good reason too! They’re known for their relaxing moods and heavy sedation. Perfect for people who have difficulty falling asleep or often feel stressed or anxious.

If you’re looking for something more upbeat and uplifting, we have the right thing for you. Check out our blog post, Top 10 Sativa Strains to try this Summer to get the energy and uplifting effects you’re looking to find. 

In this blog, I’ll share some Indica strains you’ll want to try for relaxation with different methods of consumptions including joints, bongs, dry pipes, and different techniques to use.

To save you some time, I’ll add the Indica strains mentioned in this article down below.

  • Granddaddy Purple
  • Romulan
  • Pennywise
  • Shark Shock
  • Watermelon

But without further ado, here’s a quick guide before you hit up your local dispensary. 

Granddaddy Purple

To start off your descent into deep relaxation, we have Granddaddy Purple. 

Here’s a great Indica strain to smoke after work with your buddies. Buy this strain to grind up and roll for a fresh taste and strong hits. You can even just buy them in pre-rolls to save you some time. 

One thing is for sure, this strain will relax you and make you feel euphoric. Say goodbye to stress as it melts away and gets you ready for sleep. If you’re smoking with buddies, make sure to have a couple of joints and something to sip on to beat the cotton mouth. 

You can’t go wrong with this potent classic!


Now, here’s a strain you’re going to want to load up in a bong. If you don’t have one then maybe it’s time to make a homemade gravity bong!  

Named after the alien Star Trek race, this powerful Indica is known for its intense cerebral effects that have been described as psychedelic. This Indica will put you in deep relaxation and knock you out even if you’ve been struggling with insomnia. 

A few rips from the water bong and it’ll feel like there’s a bowling ball in your head and happiness filling your limbs!

If you’re interested in buying a bong, check out our guide to help you in your smoking journey.


We’re all familiar with the killer-clown from space, but what about this killer Indica strain?

The Pennywise strain comes in different THC/CBD ratios, so if you’re interested in trying an Indica with more CBD, there’s a 1:1 that’s great for people who are prone to paranoia and anxiety. This strain will melt your stress, mellow you out, and put you in a state of heavy relaxation. 

Try this strain in a water bong for the experience. You’ll get smoother hits from its water filtration and for some reason it just feels right to smoke a CBD strain from a water bong. 

It just feels clean and like a premium experience.

Stay tuned for a blog post focused on CBD focused strains and products.

Shark Shock

Now here’s one of those strains you’re going to want to smoke with your friends. Maybe you have a few friends coming over after work to relax by the pool and you’ve been craving an intense “stoney” high. 

This Indica will melt your stress and tension away and reward you with deep relaxation and a pleasant body high and heavy legs. 

Bump the music or turn on an action movie and you’re good to go. Something you’ll notice upon a few hits is that your social anxiety will disappear and you’ll feel more comfortable with your guards down. 

When I first smoked this, it was an experience. We were out on vacation with buddies by the beach and I had brought my weed kit and some Shark Shock for this trip. I busted out my rolling tray, grinder, bud, and began rolling away. 

And I’ve got to say, a rolling tray really does make the difference when you’re trying to roll on the beach. Here’s the next on my wish list! 


Here’s a fruity Indica strain with a watermelon profile for anyone that enjoys flavor! 

This is a great strain to that makes you feel euphoric without a high that is too intense. You won’t fall asleep but oh will your body be relaxed! This Indica will work its way through your body and enhances your senses.

You’ll be relaxed and patient with those around you even after a long and busy work day. Say goodbye to crankiness!

Anytime I smoke a fruity strain I like to make my own flavor combinations. I’ve mentioned a few in past blogs but for this strain I’ve recently done something special.

Here is what you need:

Enjoy the watermelon blast!

Now that weed is becoming more acceptable, there’s a lot of new stoners that are finding out that marijuana can be very helpful for them and that it contains healing properties and benefits. 

What’s great is that there are plenty of resources out there with information about new strains and new ways to smoke. For the spontaneous stoners that like to try new things, check out a cannabis subscription box like Cannabox for rotating monthly themes and new products and accessories for new highs and adventures. 

As you may be learning, there are many different ways to smoke your weed depending on the mood and occasion. If you’re at the beach with some buddies maybe joints would be easier. But if you’re inside ready to watch a movie then some bong hits will have you couch-locked and fully immersed. 

Whatever kind of stoner you are, keep experimenting and trying new things, and check out our How to Roll the Best Joint, even if you regularly roll. There might be something new to learn or an appetizing flavor combination to try! 

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