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How To Buy The Best Hemp Papers: Everything You Need To Know

Ever wonder what the big deal with this new hemp craze is? It feels like you can find hemp in just about everything now from lotions, bags, clothes, paper, and of course what your really curious about… rolling papers. Hemp rolling papers are newer to the market and getting a lot of praise, but are they worth it? Every enthusiast knows the importance that a good rolling paper makes to the smoking experience. Which paper you choose can affect the taste/flavor, burn rate, size, ease of rolling, and more. The most popular papers you’ll find are usually made from either wood-pulp, rice, cellulose or hemp.  Today we’ll cover the total hemp rolling paper experience and how it can make all the difference for your carefully wrapped joint, spliff and blunt. 

What is it Anyways?

In order to get a better grasp of how hemp rolling papers can benefit our smoke sesh let’s take a look at what hemp actually is. 

Not a lot of non-cannabis users actually know the difference between hemp and marijuana (or other varieties of cannabis). After all, they are varieties of the same species and they can look almost identical!

The Back Story

Hemp has been thought to be one of the oldest crops in history dating back thousands of years of ago. The plant can be used and harvested for its natural fibers to make just about anything you can think of from shoes, clothes, bags, rope, paper (you get the idea).

Hemp fibers are one of the strongest natural occurring fibers! It’s also one of the fastest growing plants and contains a compound that releases into the soil to actually help it grow (it self fertilizes!) To sum it up it’s pretty much a superhero plant that has been around for ages.

So what’s the difference? 

So are weed and hemp the same thing? 

In simple terms, Hemp is cannabis… at least a variety of the family. Except it has one big difference for all my fellow ganja lovers. Marijuana has the magical psychoactive ingredient THC and Hemp does not…(Hemp won’t get you high…I know where’s the fun in that).

Well, it might contain small amounts but it is under 0.3% to be exact.

Think of how many varieties of fruit tree’s one single species of fruit can have and how different they can all taste…cannabis is a little bit like this and hemp is one of the varieties.

Hemp Rolling Papers

Now that we are experts on what hemp actually is, let’s talk about its newer found role in rolling papers.

Like I mentioned above, Hemp has been around since the beginning of time, but it’s commercial use just made a comeback in the last 20 years (it didn’t do so well during the marijuana prohibition). Shortly after that, Hemp rolling papers found it’s way into production and now we have the marvelous organic natural alternative paper that so many cannabis lovers have turned too.

What are the benefits? 

We mentioned the other materials that rolling papers can be made of and we will get into detail about each material in other posts (Hemp deserves all the attention today).

Keep in mind that everyone has different preferences and depending on all the factors that could be into play before taking your first hit. Rolling experience, how many people, size, desired flavor, etc. can determine what kind of paper you might want to use.

Compared to the other paper options in general Hemp can boast…

  • Environmentally friendly (saves trees and forests)
  • Free of harsh processing chemicals
  • Bleach-free (traditionally)
  • Thicker and rougher (makes for an easier time rolling)
  • Naturally burns slower
  • Absorbs and releases moisture nicely
  • Stays lit while smoking
  • Might have a slight herby after taste without affecting the aroma or taste of your chosen greens

When it’s all said and done what can you expect to get out of using Hemp Rolling Papers over another choice?

A healthier smoke session for your lungs, a conscious free mind for the environment, an easily rolled joint and a smoke session that burns evenly, slowly and with the full natural flavors of every plant involved.

Buying Information 

If this whole organic experience sounds like a path you’re ready to explore for your next joint rolling adventure let’s take a look at your options.

Since they are growing popularity in the market you can find them easily! A lot of the top companies have multiple lines of rolling papers using hemp.

Not to mention the companies that solely produce organic hemp products.

To name a few on the market right now you can find Hemp rolling papers in brands such as RAW, OCB, High Hemp, Blaze, Zen Effin and more.

RAW and OCB happen to be the popular opinions favorites, and for good reason. 

If you don’t believe us try them and you will!

Like other material rolling papers, you can find them in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of every kind of smoke circle. 

With prices, you can’t beat and the ability to find them just about anywhere there’s really no reason to not give Hemp a try!

Other Hemp goodness? 

Now that your on your way to a healthier, cleaner, more environmentally friendly and better smoking experience you might be asking yourself if there are more products made with hemp? 


Luckily the benefits of hemp are in full swing and aren’t just stopping at roll papers.

The cannabis industry is full of equally exciting different Hemp products to grow your new found love for organic materials.

You can find hemp tips, wicks, hemp wraps (flavored as well), hemp cones and more! 

Thanks for learning with us! Don’t forget to keep an eye out for our next post to find out more. 

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