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How to Clean a Bong

In the US, 12% of adults say they smoke herbs.

Are you looking to try it out for yourself? Or have you always smoked joints and want to try out bongs instead?

In any case, you need to know how to clean a bong. Otherwise, you might put your health at risk and the hits might become harsher.

Here’s a brief guide on cleaning a bong so you can have the best smoking experiences possible.

Use Rubbing Alcohol and Salt for General Cleaning

First, pick up some isopropyl alcohol (or rubbing alcohol) from a pharmacy. It’ll be nice to have a big bottle available, as it can serve many other purposes.

You’ll also need salt; the courser, the better. For that reason, you should go with Epsom or kosher salt.

Next, you’ll need a plastic bag that your bong or pipe can fit in. For bigger bongs, you might have to use 2 gallon-sized bags on either end and tie them off since you can’t ziplock them like normal.

Put your bong into the plastic bag and pour enough rubbing alcohol in so it’s like giving your bong a bath. Let it soak overnight and in the morning, you can carefully take it out of the plastic bag(s). Rinse your bong off thoroughly to make sure you get rid of all the gunk and the alcohol taste.

How to Clean Your Bong’s Bowl

You’ll want to presoak your bong bowl in some hot water and soap. This will make it a lot easier for you to get rid of built-up resin.

Do the plastic bag method again by putting the bowl in, pouring rubbing alcohol over it, and shaking it. Now add some salt and shake it again.

Take the bong bowl out and rinse it in hot water. Grab some Q-tips and get leftover residue out. You should also use bristled pipe cleaners for the job.

How to Clean Your Bong Stem

To clean your bong stem, the steps will be a little out of order. You’ll pour salt into the downstem first, while it’s still on the bong.

Now pour in rubbing alcohol and quickly put your hand over the top of the bong to create some suction. Keep pouring until all of the salt has passed through the stem.

Shake your bong and thoroughly rinse it out.

How Often Should You Clean a Bong?

You should aim to clean your bong at least once a week. This will prevent your bong water from becoming gross and also keep mold at bay.

When you have a regular cleaning schedule, this can also prevent mold stains from occurring. These can be tough to get out, so a little prevention goes a long way.

Cleaning a Bong Is Easy

As you can see, cleaning a bong isn’t such a hard thing to do. Once you do it a few times, you’ll get the hang of it and bong cleaning will be something you can do in your sleep.

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