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How to Use A Bong

Bongs have been around for centuries in some form or another. An elongated water pipe with one or multiple chambers, can be made with borosilicate glass or as a silicone bong, they’re a surefire way to get you super high. What separates these water pipes from other smoking methods is namely the water filtration, which works by filtering the smoke and gives the user a smoother hit. The bong is the perfect smoking accessory.

Whether you’ve been using one for years or are just getting started, here are some tips to make sure that you’re making your bong work to the best of its ability. Implement these suggestions to get the most out of your flower and get a better smoking experience.

Choose your Size

Does size matter? When it comes to bongs, yes! The larger the size, the more smoke you’ll get, however it will be harder to carry around. A mini bong will be much more portable, and will be easier to clean overall.

Clean your Piece

The most important thing when hitting a bong is to ensure it’s clean. If you want smooth, clean hits, start with a freshly cleaned piece. This means cleaning your glass bong with isopropyl alcohol and filling it with fresh water.

Simply pour the alcohol into the top of the water pipe, shake it up, let it sit, and rinse it out. Some stoners add salt to the alcohol to remove weed residue from the inside, but it’s not necessary. Don’t use salt if you have a fancy glass piece with tree percolators. Keeping it clean more often means it will be easy to clean for future use.

Grind your Flower

Like herbs that you cook with, herbs that you smoke are more effective when they’re ground up. Just like you wouldn’t toss full oregano leaves into marinara sauce, you’re going to want to grind up your weed.

Grinding your material gives you more bang for your bowl, as it increases the surface area of what’s being burned, rather than just igniting the outside of a nugget of weed. The more surface area that’s lit, the more smoke you’ll get. This results in more flower being burned and inhaled, and an overall better smoking session.

Grinding up your weed takes a couple minutes longer than just plopping a nug in the bowl, but it’s well worth the time for a better high. Here are some tips on choosing a grinder for your flower.

Fill the Base with Water

Once you’ve ground your weed, it’s time to fill your glass piece with water. This is a crucial step that can make or break a smoking session. The water acts as a filter, cooling the smoke and making it cleaner to smoke. First, remove the bowl, you’ll fill it in the next step.

If you’re using a basic single chamber bong, you’ll want to fill it just high enough to cover the downstem of the bowl, but not so high that you end up with splashback. There’s nothing worse than taking a large rip only to have smoky water splash in your face. If you haven’t experienced it yet, you will, and you’ll learn quickly.

If you’re using a percolator bong, you’re going to follow a slightly different process. First, use the top hole to fill the percolator with water, then fill the bottom water chamber using the downstem.

Have a percolator bong with an ice catcher? Add ice after filling the water. You’ll want to keep an empty cup nearby to empty some water as the ice melts.

Filling to the optimal water level will take some practice but with time you’ll get it right. There’s some trial and error involved but it’s a fun experiment.

Pack your Bowl and Take a Hit

Once your bong is clean and filled with fresh water, it’s time to get smoking! Fill your bowl with ground up flower, replace the downstem, and grab a lighter.

If your water pipe has a carb, you’re going to have to cover the carb with your finger while you light the weed and fill the chamber with smoke. Place your mouth inside the top piece of the chamber with your lips inside of the opening to create a seal.

Light the material inside of the bowl as you gently suck smoke into the chamber and inhale. Lift the downstem or uncover the carb with your finger to inhale the smoke and clear the bong. If you’re removing the downstem, do so gradually, as it’ll help control the smoke and be easier on your lungs.


Hold the hit for a few seconds and blow the smoke out forcefully. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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