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June 2019 “Mad High” Cannabox

Travel down the rabbit hole with Alice and join us in Wonderland for this months “Mad High” Cannabox theme. Featuring Alice In Wonderland inspired gear and trippy 420 accessories, our June cannabox includes your monthly supply of 420 accessories, rolling gear and more. Handpicked just for you, you next session is sure to be flavorful, fun and most definitely “Mad”…Read the details of each item below:

CB Glass

“We’re all Mad here” Water Pipe | Exclusive

Get “Mad High” with this month’s Alice In Wonderland inspired glass. “We’re all mad here” water pipe is a small, convenient glass piece with a powerful punch. Featuring a flower bowl, it’s perfect to pack and sesh on before you go down the rabbit hole.

CB Shirt

Reefer Madness Tour Shirt | Custom

Join us on the Madness Tour as we start to get trippy on our way to Wonderland. This comfy and stylish shirt featuring various dates and states included on our (*not real) tour list. Do you believe in Reefer Madness? We sure do.

CB Munchies

Kind Mini Granola Bar | Random

Get ready for tea with the Mad Hatter with our Cannabox munchie, the Kind Mini Granola bar. These dark chocolate nuts and sea salt snack bars are the perfect thing to hold you over before teatime.

CB Accessories

420 Odor Eliminator | Rare

Smell like you’re walking through a fresh garden of singing lilies. The 420 Odor Eliminator is perfect for getting that heavy and pungent smell away so you can enjoy the rest of your trip in Wonderland.

CB Papers

Skunk Brand | Smokable

Of all the animals you’ll see in Wonderland, you’ll definitely find a LOUD skunk. The Skunk Brand rolling papers are made from natural gum and are slow burning, perfect for high-quality natural smoke. Exactly what you’re looking for after your long travels.

CB Wraps

Twisted Hemp Wraps | Hemp-tastic

Get something tasty for your trip. These flavored Twisted Hemp wraps are made from hemp with no tobacco ingredients resulting in a slow burning and uniquely smooth taste for a pure smoking experience. Roll up and blow O’s with the Caterpillar, he loves smoke…

And there you have it! That’s this months “Mad High” Cannabox. Every month we will provide you with details on everything that is included in each monthly OG Cannabox, come back next month to see what’s in our July 2019 Cannabox.

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