How Cannabox Loyalty Program Points Work

How you earn Loyalty Points: We make it easy for you to quickly rack up redeemable Loyalty Points. From the very start, you’ll automatically earn twenty points for every dollar you spend!

Earn Loyalty Points* by:

  • Making purchases online (includes new subscriptions, renewals, and outlet purchases)
  • Purchasing gift subscriptions
*Your Loyalty Points are valid for six months.
Frequently Asked Questions
I’m not a subscriber—am I still part of the Loyalty Program?
Yes! You’re part of our Loyalty Program from the moment you create an account with us, and will earn Cannabox Loyalty Points for every order you place in the Shop or when you gift a subscription.
How do I spend Cannabox Loyalty Points?
  • Cannabox Loyalty Points can be redeemed towards anything on our site at any time.
  • You’ll get 20 points for every dollar you spend throughout with Cannabox!
  • When you subscribe you’ll earn points every month.
  • Your Loyalty Points will be available as a payment method at checkout. The page will notify you if you have points available to spend and how much they’re worth!


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