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Fishermans Friend Pipe



  • Premium hardwood portable hand pipe!
  • Stash compartment and steel lining
  • Beautiful hardwood and polished stainless steel
  • Swivel lid with recessed nickel-plated mouthpiece

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Made by the same folks who developed the Original Monkey Pipe, the Fisherman’s Friend is slightly larger at just over 2 inches long, made with the same superior craftsmanship, innovation and premium quality materials that have earned the Monkey Pipe rave reviews! Using beautiful, high-quality hardwoods such as white oak, black walnut and sapele, the Fisherman’s Friend has a smooth finish and fits easily into any pocket. It swivel lid features a recessed, nickel plated mouthpiece and the polished stainless steel plate slides out to reveal a stash compartment, and the stainless steel bottom easily slides out for cleaning. When closed, ashes and tobacco stay safely inside the pipe while on the go!

The trademarked eye logo is engraved on the lid, with print on the bottom that ensures its authenticity. Hand-Made in Portland, Oregon, the type of wood used to make the Fisherman’s Friend varies based on availability. The wood parts on your pipe may vary from the photos.

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