Saxophone Pipe



  • Shaped to look like a miniature saxophone
  • Fun, novelty piece – surely a conversation starter!
  • Made from durable zinc metal
  • Has rubber mouthpiece
  • BONUS!  Includes 5 FREE screens!
  • For tobacco use only

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Product Description

Rock on!  This pipe is shaped like a miniature saxophone, complete with rubber mouthpiece.
While it won’t play you any tunes (bummer, I know!) your friends will get a chuckle and you’ll look ultra cool while fielding all those “OMG! Where did you find that?!” questions.  This is definitely a conversation piece.
We classify as a “novelty” item, but don’t be mistaken — it’s a fully functional tobacco pipe, and we love how great it works.
Our mini sax pipe also ships with a pack of 5 free metal screens, so you get all the smoke and none of the ash.
There’s definitely lots of “groovy” vibes going on with this piece. You won’t be disappointed!