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GRAV Labs Rain Bubbler Mini Bong




Bubbler bongs sound like a cute little novelty, but in reality, they are one of the most resourceful and versatile bongs around. Imagine having the portability of a hand pipe and the percolation of a water bong all in one device. Well, bubble bongs do that, and the GRAV Labs Rain Bubbler Mini Bong is one of the best incarnations of this fascinating contraption. 

The GRAV Labs Rain Bubbler Mini Bong is compact, coming in at a mere 6 Inches. It features a uniquely long downstem that gives users ample time for percolation while they are inhaling. This is a glass bong that features a unique shape to hold a lot of water and even more smoke. It rests lightly in your hand while delivering potent hits with huge clouds. 

This bong comes with a 45-degree joint angle, a 14mm female joint, and a 14mm GRAV cup bowl. This glass is thick and durable, made from sturdy borosilicate. It also has an ergonomic mouthpiece to ensure that you can hit it easily from any angle. With a unique, ingenious design that’s both simple and powerful, it’s no wonder that this is one of GRAV’s most popular bongs. If you want something that travels easy, doesn’t require too much setup, hits hard, and gives you just enough percolation to feel refreshed, then the GRAV Labs Rain Bubbler Mini Bong is rapidly going to become your go-to bong. Get the most out of your dry herb today with a bong that takes the best of water bongs and hand pipes, and combines them. 


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