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EYCE Mini Shorty Silicone One-Hitter & Nectar Collector


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  • Assorted colors
  • Titanium nozzle sold separately

What’s better than a one-hitter? A durable silicone one-hitter that converts into a honey straw! The Eyce Shorty is a serious innovation in the world of mobile cannabis consumption. It offers two powerful options for whatever you need.

The Shorty uses a 13 mm snap-in glass bowl that can be removed for cleaning and conversions. Simply swap it with the Eyce Titanium Nozzle or Quartz Nozzle and it transforms from the best one-hitter into the best nectar straw. Only the highest-quality borosilicate glass and silicone are used to make the Shorty, so it will treat any flower right.

Unbreakable and travel-sized, this one-hitter is ideal for hikes, beach trips, parties, and every other adventure! It even comes with a secure keychain so it can hook onto a belt loop or purse for easy convenience. Choose from a variety of vibrant silicone colors for your new adventure friend.

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