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Grab a genuine Puffco Peak Pro Atomizer chamber replacement from our online smoke shop. The Puffco Peak Pro electric dab rig changed the way people can vape concentrates, and the brand continues to offer innovative technology. Experience one of the best atomizers for cannabis extracts with this replacement for the Puffco Peak Pro electric dab rig. Read on to learn about how the Puffco Peak Pro Atomizer uses advanced features for an evenly heated, temperature-controlled vape hit.

Puffco Peak Pro Atomizer

  • Atomizer for Puffco Peak Pro vaporizer
  • Thermal-banger
  • Ceramic bowl
  • Coil-less design
  • OEM product

Optimal Concentrate Temperature

The smart ceramic bowl and coil-less design invites the perfect heat levels for any concentrate. This material allows an even heating of the concentrate, so every part of your dab will taste delicious. Because the ceramic encompasses the heating element, it’s less prone to combustion and will last much longer than other atomizers. For the best-tasting concentrate, the atomizer provides an exceptional choice. Puffco wants to help you enhance the flavor and effectiveness of your concentrates using this new technology.

Thermal-Banger Technology

Shatter, wax, oil, and other concentrates are added to a small compartment in the Puffco Peak Pro Atomizer before use. This provides extract with an enclosed space for superior thermal energy conduction to avoid unnecessary aeration. Your top-tier concentrate will stay heated for longer instead of cooling down quickly in the high-tech device. Enjoy better-tasting extract with the enhanced protection of the thermal-banger.

Superior Materials

Like all of Puffco Peak’s products, this atomizer is made with high-quality materials for a safe and long-lasting product. The atomizer is free from glue, plastics, and fibers, so you can feel secure that you’re only inhaling some delicious concentrate. And, the Puffco Peak design is super easy to clean. You can efficiently clean it with a pipe cleaner or vape pen tool by using warm water and lemon or vinegar. With quality materials you can keep fresh, the atomizer will enhance your smoke for many uses. Buy this Puffco Peak replacement atomizer from our online smoke shop today, and we will send it out asap!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Sandeep P.

Puffco Peak Pro Atomizer Chamber

Ty B.
Thought was sketchy but was proven wrong :)

Got exactly what I needed :)

Holden L.
Great buy

Used for about 3 weeks now and worked amazing

Amanda B.

Works as intended. Needed a replacement and puffco doesn’t ship to my address for some reason so i am very glad cannabox had this in stock. Love y’all

Esmond C.

Puffco Peak Pro Atomizer Chamber

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