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Puffco Peak Smart Rig

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  • Portable Water Filtration
  • 30 Hits Per Full Charge
  • Charges in 2 Hours
  • Removable Ceramic Bowl
  • 4 Heat Settings
  • LED Light Band

The Puffco Peak is an electronic, smart e-rig that offers convenience and efficiency in a highly portable design. Controlled by a single button on the front of the device, the Peak features a handblown glass chamber that provides water filtration and vapor diffusion. Battery-powered, the Peak delivers powerful dabs without the need of a torch. Fast and long-lasting, the battery fully charges in two hours and lasts for about 30 sessions.

With an average heat-up time of 20 seconds, this device has four unique heat settings that enable the user to explore a variety of flavor profiles and cloud sizes. Temperature feedback is delivered by a changing spectrum of light from the LED light band; the Peak vibrates when it’s hot and ready, and again when the heat cycle is complete, letting the user know that the bowl will slowly cool.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

I’ve heard so many positive reviews on guess what? They are true! I love it! Not only is it the perfect size, it’s great for travel and is so much better overall! I will be recommending the Puffco to others! Great price for this as well!


So I purchased the neon green Puffco Peak. After fully charging before first use, I went to use and was getting the rainbow lights. Started freaking out, "Man, I got a defective product", etc. After taking a breath, troubleshooting a bit (since it is a new electronic device), I realized I hadn't screwed the atomizer on fully. Being afraid to break it, I wasn't sure I could screw it on tight and almost put it away to never be used again. Thankfully I'm not a moron, figured it out and have been SUCCESSFULLY using the Peak with NO issues whatsoever. Thing is a dream. So I feel like the majority of these comments online, hating on the Peak are just morons with no patience and is mostly user error. Just wanted to throw my two cents out there since I initially almost didn't purchase the peak due to the extremely polarized reviews. So anyone who is having issues out of the box or otherwise, sit back, take a breath and make a few minor adjustments. Try tightening the atomizer all the way. It does require a bit of pressure but not copious amounts. Try cleaning the threads and connections with some iso 99%. I just wanted to clarify some things I've seen online and possibly help a few people out. All in all, I'm very pleased with my purchase and would def recommend to someone who wants practicality in their dabbing.