Puffco Peak Smart Electric Dab Rig


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The Puffco Peak smart e-rig is easy to use and intuitive, just like a vape pen — but there’s no need to worry about losing it down the side of the couch. Its hand-blown design features four unique heat settings, fast heat-up time and enough battery life for around 30 dabs. Get the most out of cannabis concentrates with this smart electronic vaporizer.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer THC, CBD, CBG or any other dominant cannabinoid; the Puffco Peak vaporizer delivers the exact hit you need.

Four Heat Settings

With four heat settings, the Puffco Peak uses its LED light band display to let users know which one they’re using.

Works With Any Concentrate

The Puffco Peak smart dab rig works with pretty much every concentrate imaginable. Its design works with honeycomb wax, shatter, rosin, coldwater crumble, butane hash, moonrocks, budder, live resin and any other cannabis concentrate users can get their hands on.

Sleek User-Friendly Design

This impressive piece of technology features an elegant design. It looks like a Swiss mountain peak, so it’s sure to impress friends and in addition to feeling great in the hand.

Fast to Charge and Long-Lasting

The Puffco Peak portable dab rig only takes two hours to reach full charge, so users won’t have to wait around too long to use it if it runs out. Plus, it lasts for approximately 30 dabs —  which is around four to six bowls, depending on how tightly you pack it.

Haptic Feedback

Get your timing right every time with the impressive haptic feedback function.

Easy to Clean

Once the user has reached their desired high, the chamber, housing and glass stem are easy to clean.

Puffco Peak Features

  • Portable smart e-rig

  • Sesh Mode

  • Superior water filtration

  • 30 dabs when fully charged

  • Only two hours charging time

  • Removable ceramic bowl and glass stem

  • Four heat settings

  • LED light band with four colors to represent each setting

A smart rig helps you to maximize your cannabis experience — ensuring that you get the perfect hit at the ideal temperature every time. The Puffo Peak dab rig has the functionality of a smart bong but the portability of a vape pen.

Orders of $100+ will require signature/ID at delivery. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Brendan /.T.C.S.

I've had for about a week now and it's working just fine and barly dirty.

Sheyenne B.

Absolutely in love

Ashley O.

The best device I've EVER purchased for smoking! Hands down! Worth every penny!!

Ceferino C.

Literally my new favorite portable rig for anywhere!! Love it and it came in like 4 days!!

Dasha T.
She’s amazing

Perfect for the 21st century living

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