Companion Smell Proof Bag


Revelry Smell Proof Bag - ash
Revelry Smell Proof Bag - black
RevRevelry Smell Proof Bag - grey
RevRevelry Smell Proof Bag - smoke
Revelry Supply The Broker Smell Proof Bag - marine
Revelry Smell Proof Bag Maroon
Revelry Smell Proof Bag Navy Blue
Revelry Smell Proof Bag - green


Find ultramodern smell-proof technology in Revelry Supply’s innovative odorless bags and cases. The Revelry Companion is a hip pack for discreet and secure protection and odor resistance, all in a small and stylish package. Read on to learn about The Companion’s exciting features like carbon filtration and rubber-backed layers.

There’s nothing more enjoyable than taking some weed out on a hike and having a little smoke session with a view. However, it can be hard to transport your glassware and cannabis while on the go. Backpacks leave a lot to be desired with how much they rattle around. The Revelry Companion can store your cannabis and glassware in a protected smell proof case without sacrificing any mobility. 

The Revelry Companion is a fanny pack that fits along your waist. Users can choose from 11 eye-popping colors to sport as they travel discreetly and safely. 

How Does it Work? 

The Revelry Companion has many innovative features to ensure that you can transport your products safely and securely. Some of these features include: 

A rubber-backed exterior. This will ensure that water rolls off your bag rather than contaminating your contents.  

A carbon filtration system to absorb odors and prevent your fanny pack from smelling dank. 

Custom protective lining. This will guarantee that the structural integrity of the fanny pack will uphold and that the filtration system will not be subject to atrophy over time. 

The Revelry Companion comes with sectioned-off compartments for easy storage. The external pocket is protected with a zipper and the buckle is adjustable to emphasize your comfort. Enjoy nature and carry your cannabis-related valuables safely without altering your ability to truly enjoy your hike. Buy this smell-proof stash bag for your weed today from our online smoke shop, and enjoy the discreet traveling.

Orders of $100+ will require signature/ID at delivery. 


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