The Mini Broker Zippered Smell Proof Bag


Revelry Smell Proof Bag - ash
Revelry Supply The Mini Broker Smell Proof Bag - Aztec
Revelry Smell Proof Bag - camo
Revelry Supply The Mini Broker Smell Proof Bag - marine
Revelry Supply The Mini Broker Smell Proof Bag - smoke


Stoners can rest easy with modern odor control technology from Revelry Supply. Like all of Revelry’s products, The Mini Broker employs 3 layers of odor containment with a carbon filtration system. Learn more about how the small, discreet bag uses features like a rubber-backed lining for water resistance and smell-proof protection.

The Mini Broker – Small Odor-Proof Bag

  • Rubber-backed exterior
  • Carbon filtration system
  • Waterproof zipper
  • Lockable
  • 6” x 4.5”
  • 0.25 L

smell proof Technology

The Mini Broker offers an innovative scentless design. Using a carbon filter system and rubber-backed exterior, odors are doubly contained. The carbon filter employs 3 separate layers of odor-blocking. Each of the two outer layers are synthetic filters, with a third middle layer of activated charcoal. This middle layer is perfectly harnessed for the ultimate odor containment. Then, the rubber-backed exterior adds another layer of protection with a durable finish.

Pocket-Sized Protection

Like all of Revelry’s odor-proof technology, The Mini Broker is effortlessly practical. Its compact size makes it the perfect piece to toss in your bag or pocket for ultimate portability. It’s 6” by 4.5”, so it’s small enough to bring anywhere, yet still provides a spacious area for your stash and accessories.

Stylish Design

The charming Mini has an aesthetic appeal that not many small stash bags can offer. It comes in 6 eye-catching colors: Ash, Smoke, Camo Brown, Sage, Marine, and Maroon Pattern. Find a hue that matches your travel style.

Water Resistant Security

Every Mini Broker comes with a water-resistant exterior and a lockable zipper closure. Your stash can stay safely tucked away inside the rubberized exterior and splash-proof lining. The lockable zipper closure means that your valuables are safe from any curiosity. Keep things discreet at all times with an adorable and portable smell-proof accessory, buy it today from our online smoke shop!

Orders of $100+ will require signature/ID at delivery. 


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