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Flower vs Concentrates: The Main Differences

Cannabis Flower vs Cannabis Concentrates

Within the last decade, cannabis concentrates have been on the rise. Dabs and dabbing are the newest and latest thing that stoners have been interested in, and it’s innovating fast. The OG’s have always enjoyed those 6 foot bongs, the joints, and juicy blunts. But as times have been changing so has cannabis. Below we’ve gone into detail about some of the main differences between cannabis flower and cannabis concentrates.

REVIEW: Puffco Peak – The Most Innovative Dabbing Device of 2019

REVIEW - Puffco Peak

If you are a daily dabber or if you are apart of the 710 community you may have heard about the Puffco Peak. This innovative device gives dabbers the option to have a quick and convenient dab session right at the palm of your hands. Now available within the Cannabox Outlet, the Puffco Peak is … Read moreREVIEW: Puffco Peak – The Most Innovative Dabbing Device of 2019