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The Top 10 Best Sativa Strains For Summer 2019

Sativa strains are known for their uplifting cerebral effects and long-lasting energy making them the perfect cannabis strain for an outdoor summer.

Perfect for pairing with physical activity, social gatherings, and projects that require some creativity and imagination, we’ve picked these sativa strains to help make for a memorable experience with your friends and family.

Whether you’re spending your days at the lake or nights at the beach with some good company around a bonfire, these strains will keep you lifted and energized unlike their Indica cousins.

Feel free to skip around to any strain that catches your attention. Otherwise, read through our list to find the best sativa strain for you this summer!

  1. Sour Diesel
  2. Jack Herer
  3. Durban Poison
  4. Strawberry Cough
  5. Super Lemon Haze
  6. Tangie
  7. Panama Red
  8. Pineapple Express
  9. Narnia
  10. Alph Blue

1. Sour Diesel

First on our list is the pungent Sour Diesel.

  • happy, uplifted, euphoric
  • long lasting relief of stress, pain, and depression
  • energetic

Named after its aroma, this strain is something you want to smoke before heading to your best friend’s barbeque. Maybe some new people are coming over and you’re already feeling a little anxious to meet them, a few tokes will curb social anxiety and give you a happy mindset and the energy you need to keep going, stress-free and feeling euphoric.

2. Jack Herer

Next on our list is the sativa-dominant, Jack Herer.

  • happy, uplifted, energetic
  • mellow relaxation, perfect for chilling and vibing
  • “morning pick-me-up”

This is the kind of strain that you want to start smoking in the afternoon while the suns still up. A few rips off from a joint on the beach and you’ll be happy and feel relaxed while out in the sun but the energy will keep you focused and clear-headed. Turn on some music and you’ll be vibing.

3. Durban Poison

The purely sativa strain, Durban poison is number 3!

  • Energetic, like an espresso!
  • Stimulating, clear-head, focused
  • happy, uplifted

Coined the “espresso of cannabis,” this strain will plow through a hangover when you smoke a bowl or take a few hits from a hemp blunt. You’ll feel full of energy, clear-headed and ready to get some work done around the campsite. The energy will have you eager to chop extra firewood for the night and might even take you on a quick 30-minute hike deep in the woods.

4. Strawberry Cough

Ah, the good old Strawberry Cough, so potent and able to infiltrate even the most seasoned smoker’s lungs.

  • happy, uplifted, euphoric
  • burst of energy
  • melts away stress and fatigue

The sweetness fills your lungs and clears your head, leaving you focused and energetic. Perfect for those close summer hangouts when you’re out fishing on the boat or floating in the pool. Great for pulling you out of that rut and fading away your stress on the days when it’s hard to get out of bed. Pair this with a Strawberry flavored hemp cone for the berriest flavor.

5. Super Lemon Haze

Number 5 on our list is Super Lemon Haze.

  • Happy, uplifted, euphoric & the giggles
  • Very focused and a relaxed mindset
  • No anxiety, no paranoia, no stress or depression

Sweet and tart with a citrusy aroma like lemon, this strain is best enjoyed with a flavored rolling paper to create a flavorful experience. Roll it up with cherry, blueberry, or raspberry flavored papers for the best taste and experience. Stress will melt away and you’ll get caught with the case of the giggles and a nice head high.

6. Tangie

The refreshing Tangie comes in next on our list.

  • Euphoric and relaxed
  • Clear-headed, stress-free
  • bursts of subtle energy

A summer favorite for smoking, this sativa strain will uplift your spirit and leave you feeling happy and euphoric. This is the kind of strain you want to smoke in a bowl or pipe. It’ll give you the small bursts of energy you need during a day under the sun and then all you have to do is load another bowl to elevate your high and curb any stress that comes your way.

7. Panama Red

The 7th wonder on this list is Panama Red, an old-school classic.

  • Creative, talkative, energetic
  • Helps with depression, stress, and fatigue
  • Smooth, relaxing

This sativa strain is speedy and each rip fills your lungs with sweetness. This is the perfect strain for sitting poolside on a hot summer day. Grind this strain for freshness to fully taste the spicy and herbal tones. Then just stuff your fluffy flower into some Raw rolling cones and you’ll be on your way to an almost psychedelic journey. Perfect for talking someone’s head off and having deep conversations about everything and anything.

8. Pineapple Express

Next is the famous and potent, Pineapple Express.

  • Happy, uplifted, euphoric
  • Long-lasting energetic buzz for productive afternoons and creative escapes
  • Relaxed, stress-free

With a sweet taste of pineapple and tropical flavors, this sativa strain will give you long-lasting happiness and a buzz to keep you going on afternoons with busy tasks when you need to crank out some extra hours of work. Your stress will fade away and you’ll feel euphoric. Smoke this in a bubbler if you can because you’ll want to enjoy every bit of this delicious flavor.

9. Narnia

Through the wardrobe you’ll find a magical strain called Narnia.

  • stimulating, amplified imaginations while promoting upbeat physical activity.
  • upbeat, happy, uplifted
  • creative, fades stress and depression

This stimulating sativa strain is great paired with physical activity. Maybe you’re going out with your friends to the beach and want to smoke something that will keep your energy high for a few games of soccer. A few puffs from a and you’ll feel a boost in your body that will amplify your imaginations and leave you in a deep state of euphoria.

10. Alpha Blue

Last, but certainty not least, is the uplifting Alpha Blue.

  • Uplifted, energetic, happy
  • Relaxed mood
  • Helps reduce stress and chronic pains

A combination flavor of berry undertones with every rip it, this strain will relax your mind without putting you to sleep like an Indica. The happy buzz will have you talking deep conversations at a beach bonfire and is great for a night out at the bar to deal with social anxiety and stress.

If you have chronic pain, roll some half gram joints in advance to keep you at 100% during your summer activities. With Raw rolling papers, you can grind your flower and pack several half grams whenever you need some extra motivation and energy for all the summer barbeques, beach trips, and family events.

So if you’re going to be out a lot this summer and have a lot of social gatherings planned, don’t forget to hit up your local dispensary for some sativa flower strains. I know I only mentioned how to smoke some of these strains, but the majority of these strains I like to freshly grind and roll to get the best taste and the best high. Of course, that’s not always possible, because maybe you need to travel with family or just don’t have the time to be rolling. For that, it’s best to buy cones or wraps to make it easier on yourself.

You can find wraps at your nearest convenience store like grape flavored Swishers but if you don’t want the added nicotine, check our list of the 5 Best Hemp Wraps for a Smooth and Slow Burn.

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