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The Top 5 Best Hemp Wraps in 2019 For a Smooth and Slow Burn 🔥

For the beginner smokers and the cannabis enthusiasts alike; it’s time to ditch the plain old blunt wraps for the better alternative: Hemp wraps.

It’s understandable why there are still a lot of cannabis smokers who prefer to smoke their flower in the good old-fashioned Swisher Sweets and Black & Milds. They’re cheap and slow-burning so you can really enjoy your flower while getting a little buzz from the nicotine. 

Hemp Wraps
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But what if you’re not into tobacco and nicotine products? 

These slow-burning and natural wraps are growing in popularity among smokers concerned with inhaling dangerous additives and other harmful chemicals. 

And they provide for a smooth and slow burn, better than plain old blunt wraps.

  1. High Hemp Organic Wraps
  2. Cyclone Hemp Cones
  3. Juicy Jay’s Hemp Wraps
  4. Minty’s Mint Wraps
  5. Skunky Hemp Cones

But before we get into the top 5 picks for hemp wraps, here’s some information about hemp and hemp wraps. Feel free to skip right on ahead!

What are Hemp Wraps?

Hemp wraps are rolling papers made from Hemp, the same plant species as Cannabis. But unlike cannabis, hemp has a lower THC content and instead is used for a variety of commercial and industrial products around the world. 

They are a tobacco-free alternative to traditional blunt wraps that contain nicotine and other harmful chemicals and come in two forms: flat rolling papers, and ready-to-stuff cones.

Hemp is also made into hemp wicks and is commonly wrapped around lighters for lighting cannabis without the butane. It’s slow-burning and helps light difficult blunts or pipes. For that same reason, hemp wraps provide you with a naturally slower burn.

And for the new smokers now that weed is legalized, you might be wanting to try your first blunt. Maybe you don’t know how to roll or prefer to stay away from nicotine products. 

One thing is for sure… don’t settle for regular blunt wraps! 

This post will feature 5 of the best hemp wraps to get you the smooth and slow-burning session you’ve been dreaming of!

Let’s get this started.

High Hemp Organic Wraps 

Cannabox High Hemp Wraps

The first hemp wraps on our list is produced by High Hemp, an organic herbal wrap company that prides themselves in having no formulated fertilizers, growth stimulants, or toxic additives in their hemp. 

They also produce wraps that contain trace amounts of CBD, but not enough to have any real effects.

  • $4.99- 2 wraps & 2 tips X 3 pouches
  • Freshness seal and quality tips
  • Flavors include Banana, Grape, Berry, Cherry, Lemonade, Honey, Mango

These are great if you love enjoying the taste of your cannabis. You call yourself a cannaseur or aficionado and enjoy being immersed in the experience with flavored wraps and quality tips.

You can even mix it up and make your own creations with different flavors during your toke session: Lemonade flavored hemp wrap and some Mango Kush sounds like a chill ass day.

Cyclone Hemp Cones

Next on our list is the all-natural and pure Cyclone Hemp Wraps. These wraps provide a heavy taste and give you a slow burn that’s consistent with each cone.

  • $0.99– 2 wraps
  • Easy-to-fill and puff
  • Flavors include Blueberry, Grape, Strawberry and Natural (hemp)

If you’ve ever had a Swisher then you’re likely familiar with the deep and pungent taste of the grape blunt wraps. These make for a smoother ride without the harshness of the nicotine!

The original flavoring is also good and sweet if you want to be able to taste more of your flower.

Juicy Jay’s Hemp Wraps

Hemp Wraps

Here we go, the most known and popular flavored rolling papers. If you’re interested in Skunky or High Hemp for their flavors, consider Juicy Jay’s.

With plenty of flavors and easy-to-roll wraps, any cannabis user can enjoy these and their unique flavors for a slow and smooth smoking experience.

  • $1.04 – 2 Wraps
  • All natural, Tobacco-free, no GMO
  • Flavors include Grape, Tropical Passion, Blueberry, Mango, Strawberry, and Mango

If you’re looking for great flavor at a fair price, look no further. There’s a reason these are classics and that’s because they’re popping with flavor and it’s smooth sailing when it comes to taking big hits. 

Minty’s Mint Wraps

Last on our list is the refreshing and smooth Minty’s Minty Wraps. These wraps come in a resealable package and are made from organically grown mint. 

  • $1.24- 2 filter tips + 2 wraps
  • GMO free, no additives, no nicotine, and Vegan
  • Flavors include Mint (it’s almost like having some minty gum!)

Here’s another for the flavor heads who enjoy a clean smoke without the nicotine. These are great if you aren’t a fan of cannabis taste because it masks it really well and makes you feel like you just brushed your teeth. 

Skunky Hemp Cones 

Next is the easy-to-fill Skunky Hemp Cones. Made from 100% Organic and natural Hemp, these cones are baked to the perfect crispness for a slow and smooth burn to fully enjoy your flower.

  • $3.75 – 4 pre-rolled cones
  • Resealable packaging
  • Sticky lip for easy rolling
  • Flavors include Hawaiian, Skunkalicious, Skunkolated, Blueberry, Strawberry

These wraps are great for beginners because of their sticky lip and their perfect fold technology. In a couple of minutes, you’ll have two perfectly rolled blunts for a slow-burnin’ toke sesh.


Hemp Wraps

There are a lot of hemp wraps to choose from depending on what kind of smoking session you want to have. 

Hemps wraps are for you if you

  • struggle with the harshness of regular blunts
  • aren’t interested in nicotine or tobacco products
  • are tired of your cannabis burning up too fast

Or maybe it’s as simple as not being able to get over the taste of flower and would prefer to smoke with fruity flavoring.

Whatever it is, get away from the nicotine and tobacco wraps but don’t pass off on a nicely-rolled blunt. 

Hemp wraps are natural, easy-to-roll, and make for the best sessions with a smooth and slow burn. 

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