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The Differences Between a Blunt and a Joint

If you’re new to the cannabis community then you might be wondering what the difference between a blunt and a joint is. One thing is for sure, they’re both a great way to smoke some weed after a long and exhausting day.  

Sometimes you just need to take a break and destress a bit with an Indica strain. Or if you still have a list of responsibilities you need to get through, an energetic sativa strain will get you back to the hype. Marijuana has become a more accessible tool in all our lives.

That’s why it’s important to know about the different methods of consumption and how they differ and provide different smoking experiences. To make the most of our time and our weed,

In this blog post, we’ve got you covered. We’ll go over some of the differences between blunts and joints and we’ll throw in a new one you might’ve never heard of. That’s right, spliffs.

Then you can use your new found weed knowledge to choose the best way to smoke you favorite strains for your next blazed session. To make this a little less confusing, we’ll go one at a time, starting off with joints.

Material for Consuming Marijuana


If you like to smoke weed then you’ve probably smoked a joint a million and one times. It’s an iconic way to smoke marijuana and one of the easiest and most accessible methods.

A joint is either made from rolling paper or cigarette paper with varying sizes, thickness, and even flavors. Common types of rolling paper are either made from wood-pulp, rice paper, or hemp. 

If you’re interested in trying hemp wraps, check out our post for some great recommendations for a smooth and slow burn


Now moving on to blunts, these are made from tobacco paper or cigar wrap made from tobacco leaves for extra flavor and classic style. 

Some blunts are rolled by hand and others are rolled by machines to help with consistency and quality. Blunts are also larger and have more room for stuffing weed. This means larger hits and more flavor. 

Swishers and Black & Milds make for great blunts if you learn to hollow them out with ease. Otherwise you’re in for sticky fingers for the first few times. 

But if you manage to become skilled a rolling, you’re in for a treat. More flavor and a bold taste for a marijuana blunt. And if you’re still licking your wrap trying to figure it out, we’ll leave helpful guide to picking easy-to-fill hemp wraps to speed up your blunt smoking. 

The fillables, stuffers, and more


If your buddy from down the street invites you to come over and smoke a joint, it’s almost certain that you’ll be smoking marijuana exclusively. Unless they decide to get a little wild, a joint is an iconic way to smoking weed and weed products like moon dust or CBD oil for a Twax joint (a joint with wax or oil for a stronger high).  

Now if you want to add a little fun to your joint, you might decide to add some tobacco if you have an extra cigarette lying around. This is what’s called a spliff – when you have both marijuana and tobacco in your joint for a weed and nicotine high. 


Blunts on the other hand frequently contain nicotine or tobacco. 

Typically, blunts are split open and the tobacco product is emptied in place for good old green weed. But where there’s a will there’s a way, so they’re commonly stuffed with a mixture of both weed and tobacco. 

This gives you a head rush and an energizing buzz similar to caffeine. But even if you choose to not make a mixture of weed and tobacco, you might still get a little bit of the nicotine high from the wrap. 

If you’re a no go for that, your best bet is to stick to all-natural hemp wraps for a smoother and cleaner weed smoking experience. 

Smoothness (how it hits)


Joints are the go to and one of the fastest ways to spark up if you don’t have a bong or a pipe. They’re small, discreet, and leaves little evidence to your weed indulgence. 

Of course, this excludes the filter, which should always be discarded properly and thrown away instead of tossing it on the ground for the birds to eat up. 

If you’re in a state where marijuana is legalized then you’re one of the lucky ones. Everyone else, we’re here waiting for you and in time we’ll be one big green nation. Take for example, Portland, OR, walk one way or the other and you’re bound to run into a dispensary eventually. There you can buy pre-rolls, easy-to-fill cones, or rolling paper for your own joints. 


Of course, you can buy some blunts at the dispensary now too, but it might be easier to go down the block to the nearest convenience store for a pack of Grape Swishers to roll your own blunts. You can pretty much get nicotine products anywhere and with that said, with some weed, you’re pretty much good to go. 

I like to think of blunts as something you’d want to spark up on a special occasion. Sure, you can smoke blunts everyday but just like cigars, they’re best enjoyed as an experience itself. 

Playing pool with the boys on a Friday night or just shooting the shit with the homies around the fire, a blunt is part of the experience. Not to mention they definitely hit harder than the classic joint, so if your tolerance isn’t all the way up there yet, hold on tight. 

That’s it for this time stoners and cannaseurs. Keep on reading our weed posts and enjoy a blunt, a joint, and a spliff this month. Stay up to date with our monthly Cannabox Themes and enjoy Spooky season on October 20th!

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