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UNBOXING: April 2020 “Wake n’ Bake” 4/20 Cannabox

Well folks, it’s officially 4/20. The time that is known for iconic smoke sesh gatherings is no longer simply one hour or one day, but a whole month. We understand that the circumstances aren’t ideal, and that physical distancing can make this holiday (and holimonth) especially difficult; however, we’re positive that the goodies in this month’s “Wake n Bake” Cannabox are sure to help you spend this once-in-a-lifetime occasion in self-care bliss. Now, let’s take a look inside and see what we got!

Alarm Clock Bong

This month’s Cannabox exclusive water pipe features an alarm-clock design with the hands pointing towards 4:20. Since it’s such an infamous month, we wanted to really emphasize the importance by lettering the date on the back (4.20.20), along with “Wake n’ Bake” in a larger font. This frosty white piece may be minimal in color, but sometimes less is more! Not only does it replicate the same shape and (relative) size of an alarm clock, but it stands extremely well too with a sturdy wide back. This is a bong that would look perfect on your side-table alongside your actual alarm. Just… try not to hit “snooze” on this one.

“Give me a minute” T-Shirt

If you’re into comedy, you’ll love this shirt. This playful fabric reads the words “Give me a minute”, show-casing a digital alarm that displays “4:19”. This indicates that 4:20 is in another minute (but we’re sure everyone caught that). The middle-grey and dark green of this t-shirt works hand-in-hand to give us that vintage feel we know well and love.

Kong Hemp Wraps + Inside Out Raw Rolling Papers (Limited Edition)

This month features up-and-coming brand Kong Hemp Wraps. April’s box includes their new, slow-burning  herbal “Wedding Cake” hemp wraps—and just from the name you could probably guess that it’s pretty sweet. On the other side we have the infamous RAW’s new, limited edition “Inside Out” rolling papers. These rolling papers are no different from the RAW black, ultra-thin papers— beside than the fact that it has a unique packaging design. So for anyone out there trying to grow their collection, this is a must-have!

45 Degree Bucket Style Banger

For those of you who love dabbing, we have a banging surprise for you this 4/20. If you’re a concentrate-lover, this banger will also be compatible with the upcoming May box.

Clipper Torch Lighter

If you’ve bought any of our previous monthly boxes, you know how much we love Clipper lighters. Our all-time favorite type of lighter, however, is the torch lighter. Not only are these easier to light by simply pressing downward, but you don’t have to worry about sore thumbs after every ignition. You can use this specifically for your new 45 degree banger, however it might take an extra minute of lighting to get it hot enough for your dabs.

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