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UNBOXING: Cannabox July 2020 Lemon Haze

Well folks, it’s officially summer! And while the dry heat or humidity (…and the pandemic) may be keeping some of us in, that’s no reason not to get into the summer spirit. This month’s theme is centered around the concept of the lemon– because what signifies the essence of summer better than the tart fruit and signature strain? After all, summer days call for Lemon Haze.

Lemon Hand Pipe

This month’s Cannabox exclusive dry hand-pipe features a design that many of you may have guessed by now. This sleek, smooth, and realistic lemon-shaped pipe feels solid and comfortable to the touch in order to give you a fresh, comfortable hit. Perfect for those days when you’re vibing by the pool, this portable glass is made to be taken with you on all of your mid-summer adventures. Nothing is more refreshing than hitting some Lemon Haze off of your lemon hand-pipe!

“When Life Gives You Lemons, Grow Lemon Kush” T-Shirt

The brightness of the lemon contrasts with the green of the leaves, and the shirt itself is made of pale blue fabric. This aesthetic attire reads “When Life Gives You Lemons, Grow Lemon Kush”, which references the iconic strain and goes perfect with this month’s vibe.

Kush “Lemonade” Herbal Wraps + OCB “Solaire” Slim Rolling Papers

This month features Kush “Lemonade” hemp wraps. Enjoy the tangy, sweet flavor of lemonade with these Canadian hemp wraps– made without tobacco or nicotine. These slow-burning, tightly sealable wraps pack a savorable punch with each hit. The rolling papers used in this month’s box are OCB’s “Solaire”, an ultra-thin, slow-burning flax paper that always sticks and hits.

Cannabox Grinder + Lemon Smell Proof Bag

Every stoner knows that a grinder is one of the most necessary tools needed to crush flower properly in order to smoke… which is why we included one in July’s Cannabox! This Cannabox exclusive grinder is a lightweight, transparent yellow with magnetic capabilities in order to ensure the good stuff doesn’t accidentally fall out. Alongside the grinder is a smell-proof bag to store all of your favorite cannabis. The exterior is covered in lemon prints on top of a light turquoise background, making it both cute and highly functional!

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