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UNBOXING: Cannabox June 2020 Cali Daze

Just because we’re all (for the most part) stuck at home, doesn’t mean we can’t have a quick Cali trip! This month’s “Cali Daze” Cannabox makes us feel like we’re driving through Downtown LA with some good food and great vibes. And if you live in California, we’re celebrating your beloved state!

Palm Tree Cup Bong

This month’s Cannabox exclusive bong features a palm tree design with wavy lines and a clear, long straw as the mouthpiece. California is known for their palm trees, good food, and wonderful beaches– so we gained inspiration from all of these things to bring you a red and green selection of drink cups. One cool, refreshing hit from this is all you need to start off your day!

“Golden State of Mind” T-Shirt

This month, we decided to make a shirt that embodied the warm feeling of California beaches and skies, especially when the sun sets. Due to the plethora of gold colors that gleam around the state, California is known as the “Golden State”. This gold theme can be seen with the stripes haloing the background of the image, casting a warm shadow throughout the entirety of the city.

Twisted Hemp “California Dream” Hemp Wraps + VIBES Papers

This month features Twisted Hemp’s “California Dream” hemp wraps. This delicious, slow-burning hemp wrap gives you a smooth and even burn– allowing you to linger on the fine flavor. The paper included in this month’s box is “VIBES” papers. We decided to distribute three different types of these papers– rice, ultra thin, and hemp. Rice papers, if you are somewhat new to them, make some of the nicest rolling papers available due to their prominent slow-burn. Ultra thin allows for a more refined flavor without the breakage, and this is great for those of you who like the retained flavor of their cannabis. Hemp, the last kind of paper, is your standard paper that is known and loved by stoners everywhere.

Plant Based Dab Mat + RAW Hemp Wick

The “Cali Daze” Cannabox contains not one, but two accessories this month! The first is the Cannabox exclusive Dab Mat, which gives a clean space to place your glass and other cannabis essentials. On the other hand, we have RAW hemp wick! Not only is hemp wick better to burn due to the lack of exposure to butane, but many say that using it helps them hit a lot smoother. This could be due to the lower temperature and slow-burn of the wick, but even if you don’t like smoking with it, it’s a wonderful essential to have when burning candles and other products that require flame.

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