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UNBOXING: Cannabox October 2020 Head High

The timing for spooky season may not seem ideal, but we’re still super excited– as we are every year– to unbox the treats we have in this month’s Halloween-themed Cannabox. While most of us are going to spend our time indoors, what better way for stoners to celebrate than by sitting next to your pumpkin basket filled with candy and a couple of hits from your new favorite mini-bong?

Skull Mini Bong

This month’s Cannabox exclusive water pipe features a white skull with glow-in-the-dark accents on the outer glass. For us, nothing screams “spooky” more than glass that glows. The skull itself is a high-functioning perc, as you’ll see from the water movements coming out of its mouth. The size is conveniently portable, with a wide base of 3 inches and a length of 4 inches. Take a hit in the dark with the intricate detailing hovering over the back-side of the skull, coated with spiderwebs and glowing a spider to match (arachnophobes beware). The mouthpiece fits comfortably like a straw in between your lips, but this makes the hit twice as hard– so inhale responsibly.

“Stoned to the Bone” T-Shirt

October’s spooky shirt features a gravestone that reads “Stoned to the Bone” with a skull inprint and weed leaves surrounding, because what is a Cannabox shirt without a few puns every now and then? The orange of the fabric and green of the leaves work in perfect contrast with the grey-brown of the stone, drawing attention to the witty graphics that are sure to be a conversation starter at your next (safe and small) gathering.

“Skull Collection” Rolling Papers + True Hemp “Sticky Gelato” Hemp Wraps

This month’s box includes Snail Papers “Skull Collection” a morbid, dark, and ultra-thin rolling paper made for your slow-burning enjoyment. Each booklet comes with 32 papers and 32 tips, making it conveniently portable. Each European-sourced paper is made with natural pulp fibers with Arabic gum. As with all of our wraps, this month’s goodies include tobacco-free and non-GMO hemp wraps from True Hemp. Labeled “Sticky Gelato”, these sweet hemp wraps are perfect for a clean smoke sesh.

Skull Wax Container + Dab Tool

To fit the spooky skull theme, we’ve included a little something for all of you concentrate lovers. Our orange skull wax containers are perfect for keeping your concentrate fresh, all while remaining a discrete, decorative piece. To pair with the container, you get a metallic dab tool with orange silicone edges that can reach a heat level of 450F. Take your dab anywhere with this convenient duo.