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UNBOXING: Cannabox September 2020 Invasion

The universe envelopes everything in existence, from the tiny atoms that float around to the largest galaxies. Since its formation around 13 billion years ago, it’s an expanding and seemingly infinite force that encompasses our galaxies, solar systems, planets, and life as we know it. With such endless scope, what are the odds of life outside of Earth? It’s quite hard to believe that life outside of our planet doesn’t exist, so the probability of “aliens” residing on other planets and solar systems is at large. We may think that UFO sightings are a fairly recent phenomena, but the concept of extraterrestrial sightings have been around since the early 1600s. These past few months especially, the rise in technology has made it easier to record our sightings and observations regarding this seemingly superstitious subject. We grew inspired by these findings and compiled a box of goodies that, in use, are sure to make you feel out of this world…and perhaps make you contemplate the existence of extraterrestrial life.

UFO Mini-Bong

Space out with September’s adorable UFO mini-bong. This piece measures 5” long and 3” wide, putting an emphasis on the “mini”. As with all of our other glass, don’t let the size fool you! The base of this minimal piece contains a showerhead percolator with four to five holes, which allows for efficient inhalation, ventilation, and increased functionality. The design itself features thick and opaque grey glass with the standard UFO design and green bullets protruding from all angles. This piece was intentionally made for those stoners who need a quick pick-up before attending their daily duties, as it holds just the right amount of water in it’s circular base. We recommend filling it a little above the percolator for that perfect hard hit.

“Far Out” T-Shirt

September’s shirt features vintage monochromatic print with dunes, rubble, and UFOs. The faded design gives off the old-school feel that we know and love, and it’s discreet enough for those who don’t feel comfortable wearing outwardly cannabis-themed attire. The art is bordered by a faded stroke and reads “Far Out” in the bottom corner.

Trip Rolling Papers + Higher Standards Hemp Wraps

Clear papers are great for those who want to show off the good stuff and taste it with no altered flavors. Just 100% herb. These clear rolling papers are made with a mixture of glycerin, water, and plant-derived cellophane. This makes the material organic, biodegradable, and slow-burning without the extra unnecessary taste. Trip Asiatic Cotton Mallow clear rolling papers are easy to roll and ideal for slow-burn sessions. The more you lick, the more it shrinks around your herb for the perfect grip. Speaking of slow-burn, have you tried Higher Standards Hemp Wraps? These nicotine-free, tobacco-free wraps come with two smooth sheets, and are so close to the feel and flavor of an authentic blunt without all the nasty stuff.

Cannabox Ashtray

What would Cannabox be without essential smoking accessories? To fit the surreal theme of “Invasion”, we’ve included black, blue-grey, and light green ashtrays to fit the concept. This light, portable circular tray is rounded and leveled all-around with fitted grooves to keep your blunt and excess in the center. Take it to your balcony for a cleaner smoke session, and when you’re done, put out your smoke with this heat-resistant tray