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UNBOXING: Cannabox February 2020 Spaced Out

Escape to the stars with this month’s “Spaced Out” Cannabox, featuring goodies that are out of this world. The contents of this box is sure to take you to the moon and back, so let’s uncover the unknown in 3…2…1!

Rocket Hand Pipe

This month’s Cannabox exclusive hand pipe is inspired by NASA’s Saturn V rocket. We incorporated the same designs with two different glasses, one white and one clear. This rocket makes for a great conversation piece, whether passed around with your friends, or simply propped up on the shelf! With smooth hits that are guaranteed to have you soaring, this one goes out to the space enthusiasts.

Take Me to the Moon T-Shirt

Astronauts rep space-suits, and while we can’t exactly fit a whole g-suit into the box, we want you to feel confident and comfortable on your next journey. So instead, we’ve tailored a shirt that is both light-weight and soft, with vintage typography and custom art inspired by the infamous Saturn V. Whether cuddling up to watch a sci-fi movie or getting ready to stargaze with friends, prepare to daydream about life outside of earth and the amount of constellations you can name in this classic and limited gear. And let’s be honest, it’ll probably have your friends in the astronomy club feeling a little jealous too.

Camo Natural Leaf Wraps  + Elements Hemp Papers

Elements is known for their clean and excellent quality rolling paper, and these ones in particular pack a slow-burn that will allow you to enjoy your multiple smoking experiences. The slow-burn is caused by the hemp paper being ultra-thin as opposed to thick, which would cause it to burn a lot faster. Along with the Elements rolling paper comes a packet of Camo natural leaf wraps. These wraps are made out of an herbal blend of Chamomile and Mate plants, and are slow-burning and tasty– with heavy notes of blueberry. Not to mention, they’re extremely easy to roll!

DOPE Air-Tight Container

This one-of-a-kind weed container has a NASA-inspired “Dope” label, and is a wonderful addition to the storage collection. With a built-in grinder, this accessory allows for easy-accessibility to all of your grinding and containment needs.

Moon Pie: Chocolate

Nothing says “out of this world” like the classic Moon Pie. This American favorite takes two round graham cookies with marshmallow filling and dips it into a creamy chocolate coating, like a softer sibling to the S’more. Don’t underestimate the size of this creamy delicacy! It’s quite filling and makes for an excellent dessert or snack. 

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