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UNBOXING: January 2020 “New Leaf” Cannabox

This month’s theme is “New Leaf”, and we’re raising our glasses to the beginning of a new year! Well… maybe not vertically– don’t want any of the good stuff falling out. Starting new resolutions can be difficult, but we’re hoping  this month’s collection of classic goodies help motivate you to turn a new leaf in the best way you can!

Cannapagne Hand Pipe

Whether you like your Champagne alcoholic or non-alcoholic, the contents of this refined bottle will be sure to make you feel some type of way. This hand pipe has two different color concepts that give it an elegant feel. While both are a transparent green with a plethora of golden accents, the minor differences come down to the black and tan footers on the label. Don’t be afraid to set it down at a party; the flattened bottom balances the glass so your green won’t fall out. Discuss all of your upcoming resolutions with your friends while passing around this fine pipe for a late-night chill sesh. Sharing is caring!

Cannapagne T-Shirt

Nothing like repping a shirt that matches your pipe. This month, we loved the design of our hand pipe so much that we just had to make a similar shirt! This fit is black with grey accents and a vintage feel. It’s a soft shirt that’s a guaranteed hit for the casual get-together– or just to relax, sit-back, and smoke.

Kingpin Hemp Wraps + Juicy Jay Blackberry Brandy

This box features a few blunt and joint necessities. Everybody loves the sweet, flavorful taste of a Juicy Jay, so this month’s package consists of a fruity “Blackberry Brandy”. This smooth flavor enhances certain lemon-y strains and goes easy on the throat. Kingpin, on the other hand, is made of 100% pure, all-natural hemp. These wraps are roll-prone and pack a slow-burn!

Cannabox Bristle Pipe Cleaners

Start your new year with a clean glass, and make a resolution to start from the get-go to relieve any future, gunky hassles. Cleaning your glass is an essential way of ensuring smooth rips and a fresher taste, and these bristle pipe cleaners will make it easier for you to do so.

Pepperidge Farm Dark Chocolate Milano Cookies

Milano cookies are a broad favorite, not to mention they go great with milk after a quick smoking session! This snack consists of the perfect balance between crisp cookies and rich, velvety chocolate spread. Treat yourself to a truly indulgent snack, you deserve it.

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