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UNBOXING: July 2019 Road Trip Cannabox

Summer is officially here! Have you been thinking about the beach? Maybe taking a trip to out of town, just to get away? Do it! Explore a little. Adventure outside and discover new places, experiences and possibly smoke buddies. We specially made this months “Road Trip” Cannabox just for our roadies! Whether you’re on the go or chillin’ at your favorite spot, we’ve got you covered for your next sesh. Here’s what’s in this months box:

Road Trip Pipe – Cannabox Glass (pictured)

CB Glass

Road Trip VW Pipe | Exclusive

Have you ever taken a ride in a VW? Luckily you don’t have to, we brought the ride to you! A classic and perfect pipe for stoner road trips. Pack up this little bus and get your adventure started out smooth… buckle up it’s going to be a chill ride, man.

Lets Take A Trip – Cannabox TShirt (pictured)

CB Shirt

“Lets Take A Trip” Shirt | Custom

Show off those groovy vibes. This months T-shirt features a chill VW design sitting in a meadow. Maybe your next smoke spot? But can you find it? Let the adventure begin!

Pop Rocks – Cannabox Munchie (pictured)

CB Munchies

Flavored Pop Rocks | Random

Snacks are key to every road trip! Do you like sweet or salty? How about popping? Open up a bag of Pop Rocks and get your mouth exploding with excitement, don’t worry it’s not the weed.

Road Trip – Container and Grinder (pictured)

CB Accessories

Road Trip Grinder & Container | Rare

The worst thing about a road trip is when you leave something at home. Maybe you forgot your grinder and now you’re stuck breaking up bud with your hands. We got you! This months accessory features a two in one tool, a grinder and a storage unit. Just grab this handy device during your next sesh stop, it’ll be all you need.

Canna Wraps and Elements Rolling Papers (Pictured)

CB Papers & Wraps

Canna Wrap & Elements Papers | Smokable

We’ve got you the all natural experience. Maybe try Elements ultra thin rice papers for your next sesh. They’re super light and burn smoothly while the Canna Wraps are the perfect alternative for blunt smokers who want the heavy smoke minus the nicotine. Canna Wraps are 100% organic hemp wrap so you can truly be one with nature on your next smoke stop.

That’s this months “Road Trip” Cannabox. Every month we will provide you with details on everything that is included in each monthly OG Cannabox, come back next month to see what’s in our August 2019 Cannabox.

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