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UNBOXING: March 2020 “Tripped” Cannabox

Get trippy with this month’s “Tripped” Cannabox. This month’s theme puts an emphasis on all-things shroom, whether you’re simply a fan of Super Mario’s iconic sizing mushroom or just like the idea of food (amongst other things). Let’s see what’s inside, shall we?

Cannabox Mushroom Bong

This month’s Cannabox exclusive water pipe might be a favorite for those of you who crave the minimalistic aspects of your smoking accessories. We decided that instead of just sticking with one color, we would make red, blue, and green color possibilities to add to the surprise aspects– all with adorable mushrooms sitting in the center with a color-coordinating mouth-piece. And no worries, smoking from this won’t make you any bigger or smaller– and definitely won’t turn you into a caterpillar.

“Tripped” T-Shirt

I don’t know about you, but this shirt gives me major “Alice in Wonderland” vibes. If there is one thing that you have probably noticed about Cannabox’s custom t-shirts, it’s that we’re really digging the vintage feel that can be created with the contrasted graphics. This shirt in particular showcases a view you might see when on a hike within nature, with a few mushrooms, greenery, a butterfly, and an abstracted sun. The graphics are white, which contrast with the dark navy blue of the shirt.

Kingpin Hemp Wraps + Juicy Jay Rolling Papers

If you’re a fan of slow-burning wraps made from all-natural hemp (who isn’t?), then these Kingpin “Blueberry Bomb” hemp wraps are for you. With four wraps that are individually sealed for peak freshness, this brand features the perfect “Fold and Stick Lip” technology– making it easier to roll and even quicker to hit. Not to mention, who doesn’t love the sweet taste and scent of blueberry? With this exceptional hemp wrap comes a pack of the iconic Juicy Jay rolling papers. This one in particular is the “Green Trip: Mentholicious”, and packs a minty punch. As many know with Juicy Jay, these rolling papers emphasize the flavor with each hit, allowing for a fresh-breath feeling that adds to your herbal smoking pleasure.

Filter Tips

Rolling papers and filter tips go together like a mouse to a keyboard. You simply cannot roll a joint without both, and are a wonderful thing to pair with your Juicy Jay rolling papers. These gold filter tips custom made by us.

Stretch Island: Fruit Snacks

If you’ve walked around the snack section of a grocery store, you’ve probably seen these healthier alternatives to fruit snacks. With flavors like grape, apricot, apple, raspberry, cherry, and strawberry– it’s difficult to decide which, personally, was a favorite. They’re all so good! With limited, all-natural ingredients, feel free to indulge in a flat snack that packs a whole lot of juicy flavor (guilt-free).

Have any questions about your box? Visit us here, or if you have anything else you need, visit our shop here.

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