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$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

All shop orders include a FREE mystery bong ($15 min purchase) • SHOP NOW

Join now and SAVE 30% off your first box! CODE: HIGHTHERE • Subscribe Now

$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

All shop orders include a FREE mystery bong ($15 min purchase) • SHOP NOW

Recycler Bongs Explained For Bong Fanatics

mj aresenal bong in snow

There are many ways to light up and get high nowadays. You can grab the weed pen and smoke discretely, rip a piece and be the king of the clouds, or pull a hit from the dab rig for an intense and perfect wave to ride into relaxation.

But sometimes you want to go with something a little more classic for a special occasion. After all, ripping the dab rig every day after day can take a toll on your tolerance and even run through a few bills in the process. It’s time to switch it up with a recycler bong!

For the new smoker or noobie stoner, recyclers sound like a specific type of glass that are made from recycled material. Unfortunately, most manufacturers don’t have recycling in mind when producing their wonderous glass beauties.

But no worries! We are in a time when technology is improving and we’re becoming more conscious about how our choices effect the world around us. Recycled glass only made from recycled materials are soon to come.

Until then, sit back and load up your favorite marijuana strain because in this blog post we’re going over recycler bongs and how they work!

Recycled Green Smoke For Better Days

Recycler bongs, or recyclers, are named after the special function they serve. They recycle the water while taking a hit to provide ultra-filtered smoke that’s hits smooth and cooled every time.

Designed as a two-chamber system, they offer an extra level of smoothness and smoke filtration to reduce the amount of carcinogens and pollutants that come with regular smoking. This still doesn’t completely eliminate all the irritants but it’s a great step towards healthier smoking.

Think of it as a step up from a regular perc if you enjoy the extra filtration. They’ll keep the coughing fits at bay all while adding extra flavor in each hit.

Recycler Bongs Broken Down

I’m always very fascinated with the way marijuana products accessory function and deliver the best product and weed sessions. If you’re like me continue reading to learn about how it works in a more detailed breakdown.

Otherwise skip down to our list of recyclers for sale at The Stash!

To begin, this glass technology comes built with two compartments. These two chambers work together to deliver smooth and potent smoke during your sessions and are connected by tubes known as the intake and drains.

The larger chamber, or the bottom chamber, is where the water is kept to cool your smoke and remove pollutants just like a regular piece.

In the second compartment, the water from the bottom chamber is pulled in above along with the smoke that is building up in the base. Together, a recycled fusion of air and smoke work together to produce clean hits while you’re inhaling.

Here’s a breakdown of each step before you get delivered a milky hit of your favorite indica or sativa strains.

  1. Once your glass is filled with water and your bowl is loaded, light up your greens.
  2. The smoke then travels into the bottom chamber where it mixes with the water for filtration.
  3. The smoke is pulled upstream into the second chamber where some of the water is pulled through to act as a pool where the smoke is filtered once again (or recycled.)
  4. Then it’s filtered through the percolators as you inhale smooth smoke with the best filtration out of your hits.

Aside from the potential health benefits of smoking that cools your smoke and removes pollutants, smoking out of a recycler gives you the ability to take larger than life hits. You’ll notice that when the smoke hits your throat it slips down smoothly without irritating your throat.

What’s next is a blissful high wave that takes you to another level with clean and pure marijuana smoke. That’s why many stoners choose this as their #1 smoking method. It’s hard to beat the elevated smoke it produces!

Variations of Recycler Bongs

There are several different types of recyclers available on the market right now. Like original bongs, they come in different shapes and sizes to match the kind of smoking you enjoy the most.

Nonetheless, they all produce a smoother smoking experience that you’ll love but each one is designed a little different for slightly different function. The different kinds of recycler bongs on the market are as follows: External recycler, internal recycler, and Klein Recycler.

Check out these awesome recycler bongs for sale form Cannabox’s selection of bongs & water pipes!

Hourglass Recycler Bong

First on our list or recyclers is the under $200 beauty created by Grav Labs, the Hourglass Recycler.

This recycler stands at 10” Tall and features a diffused down stem for ultimate filtration and an exciting show. Watch as the recycler design returns water back and forth every time you light up.

A 14mm funnel bowl also comes included!

Klein Sprocket Recycler

Next is another glass beauty from Grav Labs, the Klein Sprocket Recycler bong with a special sprocket disc percolator.

This perc forces smoke and water through tiny slits that filter ash and tar for the cleanest hits. But wait theres more.

The Klein Sprocket recycles water between chambers to ensure pure smoke before it gets to you. Then you’ll be greeted with exceptionally smooth hits and an entertaining show through its 12” clear body.

Use with 1” of water for the best results!

Interested in something that packs a bigger punch? Check out our shorty dab rig from MJAresnal Claude designed with a recycling function in mind.

This mini dab rig comes included with your own quartz banger and packs a powerful punch in the comfort of your palm.

Stay tuned for our next Cannabox post on some of the best heating practices when it comes to quartz bangers. Enjoy the weekend high and happy stoners and cannaseurs!

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