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Dab Rigs

Dabbing Rigs For the serious smoker, rigs for dabbing are a must have to their heavy hits and powerful percolators.

If you enjoy the smoking experience of bongs and the personal style of each rig, check out our HUGE selection of dab rigs, small dab rigs, and glass rigs that will fit any vibe, each one packing mega hits.

Our dab rigs promise to be pure, clean hits filtered through percolators, allowing the smoker to taste the flavorful potent dabs unlike other dab rigs. Check out our online smoke shop for a wide variety of dab rigs to match any stoner’s needs, whether you’re new to dabbing or an experienced smoker.

Dab Rig FAQ

What is a dab rig?

A dab rig is similar to a bong but specifically made for hitting dabs. A dab is a wax or oil concentrate, made by extracting the oils of the plant, creating a smooth and flavorful, potent hit known as a dab.

The dab rig is a water pipe, usually a bit smaller than a bong, made for consuming concentrates. Dabbing is the process of placing a piece of extract onto the heated nail and then inhaling the smoke.

Dab rigs differ from bongs because there is no combustion involved in dabbing, leading to a more filtered and purer smoking experience.

How does a Dab Rig work?

The nail of the dab rig is what is heated to vaporize your concentrate, and a banger is a kind of nail that looks like a small cup. There are a few different types of nails to consider when buying a dab rig. A titanium nail will heat quickly and is very durable, but may influence the flavor of the dab with a metallic taste.

Ceramic nails will ensure pure and clean tasting dabs, but are much more fragile and can break more easily. If you purchase a ceramic nail, be sure to heat it evenly and try to refrain from getting to the point of glowing red-hot. Quartz nails provide the best flavor, but take the longest to heat while cooling off quickly and are also fragile.

How to Use a dab rig?

Based off of the temperature of the nail, you will receive a different dabbing experience for each temperature. High temperature dabbing is done above 400 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, you will maximize the hit producing a fat cloud, but will be sacrificing some of the flavor. Medium temperature dabbing is setting the nail temperature somewhere between 300 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit, creating a smooth hit with ample amount of flavor.

Low temperature dabbing, under 300 degrees Fahrenheit, will savor the most flavor, but may not produce the largest puff. You can check the nail temperature by holding your hand near the dab rig, hovering a couple inches away from it to see if you are able to still feel heat. If you can feel warmth but it is not uncomfortable, you’re ready to dab.

However, if the nail is too hot, it can burn your concentrates leading to a hard hit. Once the nail is heated to your liking, place your concentrates on the nail using your dab tool and spread them out evenly. Close the space with the carb cab and begin to take a hit, inhaling the flavorful, water-filtered smoke.

Once you’ve finished your hit, let your rig cool down and clean the nail before loading your next dab.


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