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$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

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Rolling Trays

There are a few smoking accessories that every weed smoker must have. One of those is a weed rolling tray.

Weed rolling trays not only give you a great spot for rolling your next joint, but they can also keep your home clean and reduce waste.

Wonder how a rolling tray can help improve your smoking experience? Read on to find out more about rolling trays, and check out some cool ones you can add to your collection.

What is the purpose of a rolling tray?

The purpose of a rolling tray is to give you a place to roll a joint. These trays are typically made of metal, glass, or plastic and can be set on any surface, such as a coffee table.

The smoker then sets their rolling papers on the tray, dumps some weed from their grinder, and rolls their joint.

Besides making it more convenient to roll joints, rolling trays also reduce weed waste, as any weed that falls out of the joint during the rolling process is trapped in the tray thanks to the raised edges. Then this weed can easily be dumped back into the grinder and used for another smoking session.

Why do you need trays for weed?

Having a flat surface is essential to joint rolling. Anyone who has ever tried to roll a joint on their lap while sitting on the couch can attest to that.

While you could use a surface like a desk, weed that has been ground for a joint can be messy. Therefore without the lipped edges typically found on a metal rolling tray, you may find weed all over your carpet when you finish rolling.

Not only is this messy, but weed is expensive, and wasting all of this flower can add up quickly. Thus a weed rolling tray is a must-have accessory that will truly improve your overall rolling experience.

Some smokers even choose to use a rolling tray when they are filling their weed pipes with ground weed. This way, any weed that doesn’t make it in the pipe is contained by the curved edges of the tray and can be dumped back into the stash box with ease.

The best weed trays

The perfect tray for you will depend on several different factors.
Some smokers want weed trays with super cool designs that will blend into their home decor. Other smokers prefer glass trays with a more subdued style. And there are always those smokers that want a portable tray that can allow them to smoke on the go.

No matter what type of rolling tray you desire for rolling joints, we’ve got them all. Take a look at all the weed rolling trays we are selling, alphabetically listed.

Cool rolling trays

Blazy Susan Hemp Rolling Tray

In the category of cool rolling trays, there is none quite like the Blazy Susan Hemp Rolling Tray. Not only is it made of environmentally friendly hemp, but it also has slots for all sorts of other accessories.

There are two designated holes for a lighter, spots for rolling paper, as well as a storage area for your grinder. If you roll weed to fill vape pens, there are spots to set up those as well.

We love this rolling tray because you can keep all of your weed accessories together and simply slip the tray out of view when you have guests over.
The only downside is that it only comes in black, so if you are looking to match a certain decor, you will have to try a different tray.

Cannabox Rolling Tray Starter Kit

If you are new to smoking weed, we recommend purchasing a rolling tray set which will get you everything you need to have a successful smoking session.
This particular kit features the Cannabox Waves Rolling Tray, along with a brand lighter and some rolling papers. All you need to bring is the weed!

Of course, this kit isn’t for everyone because it only has the option of coming with the Waves rolling tray, but if you like that tray, you should definitely take a look at this kit.

Raw Brazil Rolling Tray

Cartoon rolling trays are all the rage, and if you want a unique one, this Raw rolling tray featuring a cartoon woman is sure to be a hit. She’s featured in a sexy bikini and has a skateboard tucked over her shoulder to create the ultimate vibe.
This is a small rolling tray, so it can easily be put in a purse or bag to take on the go. It is made out of durable tin to keep it lightweight.

We can’t see a downside to this rolling tray, so if you like the design, there’s no reason not to add it to your collection.

Raw History Tray

Our favorite cool rolling tray is the Raw History Tray which features vintage images of all the rolling papers sold by the Raw brand over the years.
As you roll your next joint, you can journey through time, or you can hang this rolling tray on your wall for decoration. It’s made out of metal and is also one of the larger trays in stock.

While a quick view of this rolling tray won’t do it justice, we think it will go well with all of your other accessories.

Raw Small Fry Tray

The Raw Small Fry Tray is a metal rolling tray with a unique pattern of french fries covering the entire exterior. In the very center, there is an image of a ketchup packet with the Raw logo.

This tray is anything but small; in fact, it’s considered one of the larger rolling trays on the market.

While this rolling tray won’t gain you entrance into higher society, it will definitely remind you to order your favorite snack as you are rolling a joint!

Raw Zombie Tray

As far as cool weed trays go, this Raw Zombie one is one of our favorites! It features a hand rising from the grave to grip a Raw logo. The background is a beautiful deep purple which contrasts well with the green of the hand.

This is a large rolling tray, giving you plenty of space to roll your joints. It’s less portable than smaller trays, but it needs to be large in order to enjoy the beautiful design.

Made of high-quality tin, this is another rolling tray that has the durability needed to last you for years of rolling!

Metal rolling trays

Blazy Susan Metallic Rolling Tray

Just because a rolling tray is made of metal, it doesn’t mean it has to be kitschy. From Blazy Susan comes a refined metallic rolling tray that is made out of durable stainless steel.

Whether you prefer the rose gold or metallic purple color options for this product, this is a stylish tray that fits in well with modern decor. It’s got high rims as well, so you can be sure no weed will end up on the floor.

It’s small, so you can put it in your backpack when you’d like to take it on the go or tuck it out of sight with ease.

Cannabox Waves Rolling Tray

Metal rolling trays are the most durable weed rolling trays and are recommended for beginner smokers. They are easy to use, and we love this one from Cannabox because of its small size, making it easy to transport.

This rolling tray is also one of the best trippy rolling trays, as it has a unique seascape design that will capture the sunlight as you move it.

So roll a joint, dump the excess back in the jar, then enjoy a nice smoking session with this fun rolling tray.

Juicy Jay Mixed Rolling Tray

Juicy Jay has long been rated one of the best trays for weed, mainly because it is the only one we know of that has an upgrade you can purchase: a lid!

The magnetic lid (sold separately) can easily be slipped over the top of the rolling tray when you want to leave and return to clean up the mess later.

Plus, the tray comes in a beautiful full-color design that will be eye-catching no matter what room you place it in.

Raw Authentic Round Rolling Tray

Rolling trays don’t have to be rectangular. In fact, there are many cool designs that are round. Our personal favorite is this one from Raw, which is designed for use on your lap.

It has a classic Raw design, so it will fit in with your collection easily.
Once you finish rolling your joint, you can roll this rolling tray to a friend!

If you aren’t a fan of the metal round rolling tray, check out the frisbee tray from Raw, which is the same idea but made out of plastic that you can toss around the park when you finish your joint.

Mini rolling trays

Cannabox Bamboo Rolling Mat

If you are looking for something truly environmentally friendly, wooden rolling trays are the way to go. This wooden rolling tray also makes our mini tray list because it can be rolled up and taken on the go with ease.

No matter where you need to roll a joint, this tray is ready to help. Simply pull it out, unroll it, and start rolling!

Unfortunately, there is no rim on this product to keep weed from falling off the mat, but as far as travel rolling trays go, this product can’t be beat.

Keith Haring Glass Rolling Tray

If you want a mini rolling tray that also has some unique art, then choose one of the Keith Haring Glass rolling trays.

These trays are small, placing them in the mini category, but they have amazing drawn designs from artist Keith Haring. There are currently three to choose from, but more may be added in the future.

Even though the rolling space is small, this rolling tray isn’t delicate as it is made of 3mm of glass. If you are worried about it breaking on the go, it comes with a foam box to keep it safe.

This rolling tray is definitely one of the best. The only downside is that it is hand wash only, so you can’t stick it in the dishwasher like you might some of the other rolling trays on this list.

Raw Crystal Rolling Tray

This mini rolling tray is also the most luxurious on the list. Made entirely of glass, this rolling tray will take up hardly any space on your desk and can blend with almost any decor style.

Even though this tray is a mini tray, we don’t recommend traveling with it because of the delicacy of the material. But, regardless of that fact, this is truly a rolling tray for the elite, which is reflected in the high price point.


Overall, when it comes to smoking accessories, there is no doubt you absolutely must have a rolling tray. Whether you want a cheap rolling tray or perhaps one made of shatter-resistant glass, there is something out there for everyone.

But before you start rolling, you might need some other smoking accessories like rolling papers or a grinder, so be sure to add these to your basket as well before you go to checkout. Happy rolling!

Rolling Trays FAQ

What is a rolling tray?

Rolling trays are metal trays with a raised rim that are designed for rolling joints. They keep the smoker from making a mess as they roll and help to prevent weed waste. With the right rolling tray, you can transform yourself into a rolling machine.

Are rolling trays worth it?

The best trays are always worth the price. Not only will you be able to roll joints quicker than ever, but you will also save money as you won’t be wasting weed while you are packing your joints.

Can you use anything as a rolling tray?

Rolling trays are unique because of their flat surface with raised edges. They are also designed to be lightweight, so you can lift them to dump weed back into a jar. If you have another piece of equipment in your home that can serve this same function, you can try to use it as a rolling tray. Just know that it may not work as well as a rolling tray that has been designed for use with weed.

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