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$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

All shop orders include a FREE mystery bong ($15 min purchase) • SHOP NOW

Join now and SAVE 30% off your first box! CODE: HIGHTHERE • Subscribe Now

$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

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Mini Bongs and Small Bongs

Everyone who smokes, whether the occasional smoker or the dedicated stoner, owns some smoking accessories; whether it’s rolling papers or dab rigs, you have to have something to smoke out of!

Some of the most popular options for smoking accessories are mini bongs. Also known as a baby bong, or small these bongs often come in fun and colorful designs so you can smoke up in style.

If you want to learn why people love mini bongs, read on! You may even find some mini bongs that might catch your eye.

Mini Bong Versus Full-Sized Bong

While mini bongs and small bongs may operate identically to their larger cousins, there are still some fundamental differences between the two; namely size and cost.

Mini bongs are not inherently sturdier nor better than a full-sized bong, and which bong is superior is entirely up to user preference. There are several different styles of mini bongs, and there are even mini dab rigs for those who prefer a dab rig.

You may like your mini bong or small bong, while your friends might prefer a full-sized bong. This disparity only means your needs are different than your friends- and here’s why.


The most blatant difference between mini and full-sized bongs is the size. An above-average bong can be up to 20 inches tall, though they average more between 10-14 inches.

On the other hand, a mini bong can be smaller than eight inches, thanks to the mini water pipes. Sometimes the bongs on the lower end of this spectrum are called micro bongs. This smaller size is better for conserving your stash and makes the bong easier to conceal and carry around as a travel bong.

However, a mini bong or small bong may not be a wise option for a more populated session; because they can hold less weed, mini bongs will not provide bigger hits. Plus, it is a small hole that you are breathing the weed smoke from, making the hits smaller.

If you are more prone to smoking on the go or taking a quick smoke break, a mini bong or small bong is your best bet. If you like to have smoke sessions with your friends, invest in bigger bongs.


Mini bongs and small bongs have their larger counterparts squarely beat in the price department; mini bongs and small bongs are often significantly cheaper than full size bongs, with their size mirroring their low cost.

While a larger bong may cost up to triple digits, mini bongs or small bongs cost far less; a mini bong can cost anywhere from 20 to 50 dollars making them much cheaper but still more expensive than a basic hand pipe.

If you are looking for a new smoking accessory on a budget, then a mini bong is the best choice for you. You get all of the big bong benefits in a small bong with a small price tag!

Best Mini Water Bongs and Small Water Bongs

Now is a great time to look at some of the best bongs for sale, regardless of what your taste is.

With a plethora of available mini bong designs, from cute to cool and anything in between, there is guaranteed to be a mini bong that speaks to you.
Mini bongs are a great way to express yourself, your individuality, and your tastes, all while enjoying potent hits.

Take a look at all of these great portable designs now and find one that best fits you!

Cute Mini Bongs

Not every bong is a simple construction of glass or silicone- some bongs, especially glass mini bongs, can be outrageously cute.

No matter what your aesthetic is, whether you love plants, video games, or cute sea animals, there is a mini bong that will look great in your room!

You may want to look at these cute bongs for sale and find the new mini bong that speaks to you.

With all these cute designs, it’s only a matter of time before you find your new favorite bong!

8-Bit Pixel Heart Bong

If you’re somebody who enjoys playing retro video games, the 8-Bit Pixel Heart Bong is a cute mini bong that is right up your alley.

This mini bong measures in at 3 inches wide and 5 inches tall, making it a truly small glass bong.

With its small size, this glass bong is small enough for you to use anywhere and cute enough to make a shelf decoration in your bedroom or living room, making it the best small bong on the market.

This heart bong is also a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for any gaming smoker in your life! Or maybe even a new date whom you are trying to woo!

Honeycomb Mini Water Bong

Save the bees! If you like some sweet summertime vibes, the Honeycomb Mini Water Bong may be the best choice to give you a buzz!

This mini water bong comes in at only four inches tall- a great size to carry around in the palm of your hand as it is much smaller than regular bongs.

With no wide base and a narrow design, the Honeycomb Mini Water Bong is a cute option for a bong on the go.

For those who love nature, this small glass bong is an adorable addition to any collection of smoking accessories.

The best part is, if you buy this mini glass bong on CannaBox, you can get free shipping for any order over $50!

Octopus Bong

If your interest in nature is more nautical, then this adorable octopus bong is just for you.

Available in three colors, blue, purple, and green, this adorable, smiling octopus bong has a three-inch diameter, making it a perfect size to conceal or easily move.

The octopus bong also features a large, round chamber that gives it an edge over other mini bongs- with this huge chamber with its large surface area, this small bong lets you rip like its larger cousins!

Not only is the Octopus Bong a cute, small, and easily-hidden mini bong, but it also lets you take massive hits of your favorite legal dry herb.

Glass Apple Bong

You don’t need to be a teacher to appreciate this apple!

Coming in at only four inches tall and two inches wide, the Glass Apple Bong is small enough to pass for a glass pipe, but functions identically to small bongs.
If you’re sick of smoking out of an apple but still want that visualization – or perhaps you just like the appearance of a stoner teacher!- then this glass mini bong is perfect for you.

This mini bong also features a 10-millimeter bowl, similar in size to the Octopus Bong.

Cool Small Bongs

Perhaps ‘cute’ isn’t your style; you may prefer edgier and more cool designs, such as a UFO, a silicone bong, or a toxic rocket.

If ‘cool’ is what you’re looking for, you have just as many options as people who want a cute bong!

While you could easily wander into your local smoke shop and buy the most cool-looking bong right off the shelf, hoping that they have something neat, you should check out our hand-picked selection of cool bongs.

There are many factors that make a bong “cool” beyond just looks! So don’t necessarily eliminate any of these bongs from the list until you check out the user-submitted reviews.

With this many options available, you will undoubtedly find a bong that is cool enough to fit your sense of style!

UFO Glass Water Bong

The only thing that could take you higher than this bong is an actual UFO!
With a showerhead percolator built into the base of the UFO Glass Water Bong, up to five holes in the percolator give you more efficient inhalation and an increase in functionality.

The bong itself is as out of this world as its functionality, with a dark grey base shaped like a traditional depiction of an alien spaceship.

Raised green dots space across the base at regular intervals, like little portholes, to best sell the illusion of this small handheld bong being a real UFO.

Unlike the other mini bongs on this list, this UFO Glass Water Bong comes in two versions; a small and an extra-large size!

The small size is a true mini bong, reaching only five inches in height, while the full-sized version is twelve inches. Apart from looking great, the UFO Glass Water Bong also offers options!

Cannabox Rocket Bong

Don’t let the ‘radioactive’ symbol fool you- the only chemicals coming out of this Cannabox Rocket Bong are already in your weed.

The Cannabox Rocket Bong will fit into any collection of smoking accessories with an edge to it and would make an awesome pair with the UFO Glass Water Bong.
The Cannabox Rocket Bong is your standard mini bong size, standing at five inches tall and three inches wide.

Despite its small size, the thick glass and large chamber make it easy to take a huge hit off this rocket.

While it, unfortunately, won’t take you to space, the Cannabox Rocket Bong can make you feel like you’re there!

Cannabox Canna-Cola 5″ Mini Bubbler

The Cannabox Canna-Cola 5″ Mini Bubbler may be called a ‘bubbler,’ but it has certainly earned the right to be called a mini bong!

The Canna-Cola Mini Bubbler stands at 5 inches tall, putting it directly in the mini bong territory, and its glass bottle-like shape makes it a perfect addition to any vintage-styled room.

This glass bong also comes with fun facts about cannabis, making the Canna-Cola Mini Bubbler one of the only mini bongs that are educational!

Silicone Mini Beaker Water Pipe w/ Storage

Maybe you are a bit more clumsy than the average person- that’s okay because there is still a cool mini bong you can use!

With silicone mini bongs, you don’t need to worry about dropping your bong and shattering it into pieces; with the durable silicone construction, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is the glass slide.

Coming in a variety of colors with a mottled and mixed pattern, the Silicone Mini Beaker Water Pipe is a cool addition to any collection, bringing a more tactical approach to smoking accessories.

Coming in at 7.25 inches tall, the Silicone Mini Beaker is taller than other mini bongs on this list, but the intense filtration and large chamber give this mini bong the punch of a larger bong.

Additionally, the Silicone Mini Beaker comes with a lifetime warranty from its manufacturer, Eyce.

Other Small Glass Bongs

You may not care about cool or cute and only want to find something that fits your taste. This is perfectly fine! Some tastes can be harder to pin down than others.

If you don’t think you fit into either the ‘cute’ or ‘cool’ categories, check out these other mini bongs you might love!

Iridescent Beaker Bong

If you like mini bongs but think they might be a little bit too small, the Iridescent Beaker Bong may be a great option for you.

Coming in at six inches tall and three inches wide, the Iridescent Beaker features an iridescent glass that makes this bong look ethereal.

The bong also features a 10-millimeter flower bowl, a perfect size for taking hits off of a beaker.

Cannabox Star Ball Bong

If you’re the type of stoner who likes to smoke up and watch anime, the Cannabox Star Ball Bong might be the best bong for you!

Coming in at a standard 5 inches tall and 3 inches wide, the Cannabox Star Ball Bong features a 14-millimeter bowl to pack your weed and a large chamber to take a bigger hit.

The Star Dragon Ball also features a showerhead percolator, making sure your smoking experience features only smooth hits and high power levels.

Cleaning a Little Bong

Much like any other smoking apparatus, little bongs need to be cleaned out. Thankfully, you can clean out mini bongs in much of the same ways as their larger counterparts.

We will go over one of the most commonplace methods to clean out your smoking materials, from small and mini bongs to glass pipes.

Rubbing Alcohol And Salt

One of the most common methods of cleaning out mini bongs is the rubbing alcohol and salt method. Your first step will be to disassemble your bong, as cleaning it in one piece can damage the glass.

Place the bong pieces in a sealable plastic bag. Fill the bag with isopropyl alcohol and add table or sea salt.

Zip up the sealable plastic bag, shake it vigorously and then dry off the pieces of your cute bong with a spare cloth.

With your bong newly cleaned, your smoking experience will increase tenfold; a clean bong means a happy stoner!


Mini glass bongs and small glass bongs are one of the most widely-beloved pieces of cannabis apparatus and for good reason.

Mini bongs are a lower price than large bongs with a smaller footprint, making them a popular choice for smokers on a budget.

There are many mini glass bongs for sale, with a wide variety of designs and colors that can attract the attention of any stoner.

If you want to find a new smoking appliance, consider buying mini bongs!

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