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$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

All shop orders include a FREE mystery bong ($15 min purchase) • SHOP NOW

Join now and SAVE 30% off your first box! CODE: HIGHTHERE • Subscribe Now

$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

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Bongs & Water Pipes

When you want to enjoy high-quality cannabis, there’s no way better to do so than with a water bong. Bongs are important tools that have been enjoyed and celebrated throughout human history, and they’re more popular than ever in the US, thanks to increasing legalization throughout many states.

All that said, lots of would-be smoking enthusiasts don’t quite understand bongs. After all, why would you bother setting up a smoking rig when you can easily roll a cigarette or use a vape instead?

In truth, there are lots of great reasons why you should smoke with a water bong. Today, let’s break down what wqter bongs are, how they work, and how you can choose the right water bong for your needs and smoking preferences.

What is a bong?

Simply put, a water bong or “water pipe” is a tool that filters smoke from burning herbs, like cannabis, through water at its base. Water Bongs have been around for thousands of years, practically ever since humans invented smoking. They’re invaluable smoking accessories for enjoying marijuana in a variety of strains.

While the majority of bongs were historically created out of glass or ceramic, now you can get bongs in many different materials, styles, and types. Bongs can even be used to enjoy marijuana concentrate or “dab.” You can use a glass water bong, ceramic water bongs and water pipes, acrylic bongs, or even water bongs made of silicone.

How do bongs work?

Despite their simplicity, lots of MJ fans don’t really know how bongs work or why they are so valuable!

In a nutshell, bongs work by filtering smoke through water. To use a water bong, you ignite herbs with a lighter or another instrument. The smoke from the ignited herbs then goes down through a tube into water, which is stored in a bong’s base.

When you inhale through a bong’s mouthpiece, the smoke from the burning herbs goes through a removable, diffused downstem. It then passes into the main base of the bong, allowing it to percolate in the water.

Essentially, the water in the base of your bong then cleans the smoke and cools it down, allowing for a more enjoyable smoking experience. You then inhale the smoke that’s been filtered through the water.
In contrast, smoking marijuana through a cigarette or through other methods can exposes your throat and lungs to hotter, harsher smoke, and potentially to more toxins. For a lot of people, smoking with a bong is the best way to enjoy marijuana!

How do you use a water pipe?

If you’ve never used a water bong before, rest assured the process is pretty easy! Just follow this tutorial and you’ll enjoy high-quality hits in no time.

  1. Start by adding water to your bong. You can typically fill your bong’s reservoir by putting water through the mouthpiece. Try to use distilled and unchlorinated water, and don’t overfill — add just enough water to cover the opening of the downstem.
  2. Next, if your water bong has an ice catcher, add ice to your bong. This helps to cool the smoke even further.
  3. Break up your chosen cannabis flower. Grinding your weed is preferred, since it’ll result in a smoother hit, but it’s not required.
  4. Then pack your water bong bowl with your chosen cannabis or herb. To pack it correctly, fill the bowl with your herbs and spread it out evenly. Tap the bud lightly, just enough so it stays in place — don’t pack it in too tightly, or air won’t be able to flow through.
  5. Now you’re ready to light up. Choose a lighter or match, then put your mouth over the water bong’s mouthpiece. If your bong comes with a carb (small air hole separate from the mouthpiece or downstem), cover it with one finger.
  6. Make contact between the bud and the flame. Try to hover your lighter over the bowl evenly.
  7. Inhale! For an intense experience, try to inhale slowly, as this will allow more smoke to fill up inside your water pipe.

Like all things, you’ll get better at smoking with a bong with practice!

Why should I use a water pipe bong?

There are lots of reasons why you should use a water pipe when smoking marijuana or other burnable herbs. It all stems from the water filtration system.

As detailed above, a bong’s water filtration system cools and then filters the smoke you create. When you inhale, the resulting smoke is cleaner, cooler, and more comfortable than it would be otherwise.

As a result, you can take longer and bigger hits, allowing you to enjoy the psychoactive effects of cannabis even more intensely. Plus, you spare your lungs from potential damage or irritation; say goodbye to constantly coughing or hacking each time you take a hit!

For many MJ enthusiasts, bongs have an added benefit: style. There are tons of high-quality, well-designed bongs that look fantastic, whether you store them on your shelf, on a table, or hold them in your hand.

Some water bongs are even designed to be shared, so they feature removable mouthpieces. This contributes to a more sanitary smoking experience for everyone.

Bongs are great smoking tools for newcomers to cannabis since they’re easy, make the smoking experience more comfortable, and are fairly difficult to mess up.

What should I look for when buying bongs for sale?

There are lots of factors to consider when buying cool bongs, especially if you haven’t purchased one before. When looking for a new bong, you’ll want to consider:

  •  The size and height of a water pipe. Bigger water pipes allow you to take longer, larger hits, but they are oftentimes harder to clean, and they may be heavier. If a water pipe has a longer stem and neck toward the mouthpiece, that could result in the smoke being cooler by the time it reaches your lungs, resulting in a more enjoyable experience.
  •  The material the bong is made out of. Generally, you can find bongs made of glass, ceramic, or silicone. Glass is the classic material, but it can be fragile. Ceramic is a little more decorative, but can also be easy to break. Silicone bongs are newer, but they’re also cheaper and more durable.
  •  The style. Lots of people like to pick up bongs that speak to them in terms of shape or aesthetic. You can find lots of cool bongs with wicked shapes, such as spirals, that may add to your social smoking experience. Alternatively, maybe you prefer a straightforward water pipe with a basic shape and stem.
  •  Whether the bong has a percolator. Percolators are unique bong components that defuse hot smoke through water inside their primary chambers. Percolators with more surface area cool down smoke more effectively.
  •  The price. Of course, some bongs are much more affordable than others — but cheap bongs aren’t necessarily high quality. You may wish to consider the overall price of a bong online before buying one, especially if you are new to smoking. If you are new, stick with an affordable, durable bong while you figure out the best bong for you.

What types of water pipes are there?

Good news! There are tons of different water pipes and bongs you can purchase depending on your preferences, the type of grass you like to smoke, and other factors. You can find just about every type of bongs online. To learn about different types of bongs: shapes and materials head over here > Types of Bongs (with pictures).

What are the best water bong brands?

Thanks to the recent pushes for marijuana legalization in many US states, there are now tons of top water bong brands you can buy from. Let’s take a look at three of the best bong brands in the market today.

Grav Labs

First up is GRAV Labs: one of the most notorious water pipe creators ever (in a good way). It was founded almost 20 years ago in Texas and, ever since, has been making scientific high-quality glass water pipes and bongs.

If you’re interested in the aesthetic or style of glass bongs, you might not find anyone better. That’s partially because GRAV Labs employs glassblowing experts (over 30 in total). On top of that, this brand features a unique Helix water pipe design. The unique design allows for extra volume inside their pipes, meaning that the smoke has extra time to cool.

When you want clean, complex, and well-designed glass bongs, GRAV Labs is the way to go!


PuffCo is a 2013 company that has merged technology, engineering, and design disciplines together to create high-quality bongs and dab rigs, as well as vaporizers. Thus, this brand is a great choice if you want to purchase not only a few water pipes but also other smoking accessories or specialized bongs for smoking concentrate.

Keith Haring Glass

Keith Haring’s glass water pipes are also great choices, especially for more aesthetically minded smokers. That’s because many of this brand’s water pipes are designed in unique and funky shapes, like mazes, spirals, and more.

You can find bongs from this artist and activist made of ultra-clear, high-quality, premium borosilicate glass. This means that they have the aesthetic benefits of glass pipes without as much fragility (though they still aren’t quite as durable as silicone pipes).

Wrap Up

All in all, bongs and water pipes are a major part of a consistent, smooth, high-quality smoking experience. If you’ve never tried a hit with a bong before, we highly recommend you do so. Bongs can enhance how you feel when you smoke and save your lungs from irritation or inflammation; what’s not to like?

Best of all, it’s easier than ever to pick up a quality bong (or two) at Cannabox. We’ve got bongs for sale, plus accessories and weed pipes from the above brands in a wide variety of styles, materials, and pricing points. Check out our selection of water pipes today!

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