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$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

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Join now and SAVE 30% off your first box! CODE: HIGHTHERE • Subscribe Now

$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

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Rolling Papers

Jays, juicy jays — whatever you call them, if you’re going to smoke joints, you’re going to need some rolling papers to make it happen.

Surprisingly, the world of rolling papers is quite large. There are many different types of paper used for rolling joints. Some are made out of hemp; others are made out of rice. And there are other materials, too!

In this guide, we are going to cover all of the top rolling papers as well as some other accessories you might need to roll a joint. Read on to learn more.

What is joint rolling paper?

As you might guess from the name, rolling paper is a type of paper that is designed specifically to make or roll joints. These papers are thin, typically have some sort of adhesive property, and are non-toxic.

Rolling papers usually come in pre-cut squares that are the exact size needed to roll a joint. Some paper for weed comes in a larger size, and those are labeled as king-size papers.

Joint rolling paper can also be called joint paper or weed paper, depending on who you ask.

What are rolling papers used for?

Rolling papers are designed for rolling and smoking joints. If you plan to smoke a joint, then you will need weed, the rolling paper of your choice, and a rolling tray to roll it on.

Weed smokers will use rolling papers by laying them on a rolling tray and placing a small amount of weed in a line on one side. They will then use the tips of their fingers to fold the rolling paper over on itself, encasing the weed inside.

This is called a joint. The roller can choose to smoke the joint right away, or they can twist the ends and toss it in a bag or purse for later consumption.

Rolling papers aren’t just for use with weed, however, as they can also be used to roll tobacco cigarettes using the same method. Cigarette rolling papers and weed rolling papers are generally interchangeable, but cigarette rolling papers rarely come in king-size.

Before you jump in and start to roll your own cigarettes, let’s take a deeper look at some of the differences between rolling paper and regular paper.

What is the difference between weed paper and regular paper?

Rolling paper is specially designed to be ultra-thin, flexible, and the right size for easy rolling. If you try to roll a joint with regular paper, you will find that it is the wrong size and doesn’t fold or adhere well.

Additionally, regular paper is made from trees. Rolling papers are typically made from hemp, rice, or other materials that are slow-burning. Those that try to roll a joint with regular paper will be unable to enjoy their joint as it won’t provide an even burn and will turn to ash quickly.

It can be dangerous to try to roll a joint with regular paper. You should always purchase proper rolling paper if you plan to smoke weed in joint form.
What is the best paper for weed?

The best paper for weed will depend on your personal smoking preferences. That being said, there are some things you should look out for as you shop for rolling papers.

First of all, you want to look at unbleached papers that are non-GMO. Remember that these joints are going to be in your mouth once rolled, and bleach could affect the taste or irritate your lips.

You also want to look for rolling papers that are eco-friendly because the last thing you want is to hurt the environment by smoking weed.
Those who have dietary restrictions might also want to verify that their rolling papers adhere to their diet. This means checking that they are vegetarian or gluten-free.

Lastly, cannabis consumers should check the flavor of the rolling papers they plan to buy. Flavored rolling papers are quite common, and you never know when you may grab one in a flavor you don’t like.

What types of rolling papers are available?

The weed market has many different types of rolling papers. Some of the most common are rice paper, hemp paper, wood pulp paper, bamboo paper, and flax paper.

Rice Paper

Rice paper is very thin and has a neutral flavor that smokers enjoy pairing with all types of weed. Rice paper comes in organic varieties, though the papers can sometimes contain other elements like flax.

Rice paper isn’t for beginners, though, because it is very smooth, so there isn’t much to grip as you roll. Plus, if you live anywhere with lots of moisture, these papers can quickly stick to one another in the pack.


Out of all the types of rolling papers, hemp papers are the most sustainable, making them the best rolling papers for those who worry about the environment and want a natural experience.

Not to mention they are the easiest to roll. They are a bit thicker, with a little grip that makes them ideal for those just learning how to roll joints.

Wood Pulp

Wood pulp papers are ultra-thin and easy to light and keep lit. Therefore it should come as no surprise that they are the most popular rolling papers on the market.
Unfortunately, wood pulp papers are difficult to roll with, and beginners are usually recommended to use a different type of paper to smoke weed.


Bamboo is considered a premium rolling paper because it is the most expensive on the list. It also might be difficult to find a company that sells them because they are a bit rare.

Despite their rarity, rolling joints with bamboo paper is somewhat easy and adds a nice woodsy flavor to your joint.


Flax papers are great because they have all the benefits of rice papers but with a little grip, making them ideal for beginners. They also give off very little smoke, making it easier to smoke these joints in public.

Flax papers aren’t as popular as others on the list, mostly due to the price. But if you have a few extra dollars to spend, definitely buy a box of flax rolling papers.

There are weed rolling papers that are made with other materials than those listed here, and they are experimenting with other types all the time. For example, Shine offers a 24k gold weed rolling paper — more on that later!

Where to buy joint rolling paper

When considering where to buy rolling paper, you’re in luck. Joint rolling papers can be purchased at most convenience stores, as well as at smoke shops. If you would rather not travel anywhere to buy your rolling paper and other rolling accessories, most online smoke shops will ship them directly to your home!

The best joint rolling papers

Below is a list of the best rolling papers on the market!

Raw rolling papers

Raw is a long-revered brand in the weed-smoking space, and the Raw papers definitely live up to expectations.

Raw papers are made out of wood pulp that is guaranteed to give you the best slow burn. Raw papers are classic plain, so there’s no flavor to interfere with your weed.

These rolling papers can only be bought by the packet. Each packet comes with 32 sheets, so those looking to buy in bulk may want to consider another brand.

But if you want to emulate Snoop Dogg as you smoke, know that Raw is his favorite brand. When you stock up on Raw papers, don’t forget to grab the matching Raw rolling tray.

OCB King Size

For those who want a king-size joint, OCB organic hemp rolling papers are top-notch. Coming in at 45 x 109mm in dimension, the joints you make with this paper will be pure art.

These papers are organic, vegetarian, and GMO-free, making them a great choice for anyone you may be planning to smoke with.

Just know that these are only designed for rolling tubes and not cones because of their large size.

Juicy Jay’s Very Cherry

As far as flavored rolling papers go, Juicy Jay’s is the brand to buy from. These rolling papers are specially created for those who like to experiment with flavor as they smoke weed.

The Juicy Jay’s come in packets, with 32 to each one. Each packet has a picture of the flavor you’re smoking, so you always know which flavor you have. For example, the Cherry flavor packet has cherries printed on it.

It is a popular practice to purchase more than one flavor of Juicy Jay’s rolling papers and make a few joints before a party. Then you pass around all the flavors so your guests can try them all!

Other flavors of the Juicy Jay brand include cotton candy, bubble gum, maple syrup, grape strawberry, orange, candy cane, blueberry, blackberry, and more.

There is almost no limit to the number of flavors you can try because the brand is always introducing more!


Curious to try rice rolling papers? Grab some from the Elements brand!
Elements rolling papers are smooth, healthy, and burn evenly thanks to the frequent watermarks. It can be difficult to form joints with this brand, but an experienced smoker should experience few issues.

With 32 rolling papers in a box, you might want to grab a few, so you don’t run out!

Edie Parker Pocket Banana Filtered Cones

Joints can either be rolled into a tube shape or a cone shape, depending on the preference of the smoker. For those who prefer cones, the Edie Parker Pocket Banana Filtered Cones make rolling these types of joints a cinch.

These rolling papers are made from rice, with soy ink printing on the outside. They are flavored, however, so if you aren’t a fan of bananas, it’s probably better to skip these rolling papers.

They only come with 3 to each pack, so even if you do enjoy them, they might be the rolling papers you save for a special occasion.

Blazy Susan

Flavors aren’t the only way to customize your joint rolling experience. With these pink rolling papers from Blazy Susan, you can enjoy smoking some funky-looking joints!

They’re made from wood pulp, non-GMO, and vegetarian. They also come with 50 to a pack, making them a better deal for the price than many of the other rolling papers on the list.

We recommend purchasing these to go with one of our sweet Blazy Susan rolling trays.

Empire Benny

Looking for some rolling papers that are a little more fun? In the shape of $100 bills, for instance?

Look no further than the Empire Benny $100 Bill Rolling Papers. Each paper looks like a Benjamin and will be a hoot at your next party.

They come in a packet of 20, along with filter tips, so you can have an enjoyable smoking experience. They are non-toxic, vegan, and unbleached.

Be careful, though, as these rolling papers are on the edge of looking real, and some of your guests might think you actually used a $100 bill to roll a joint!

Zig Zag Organic Hemp

Zig Zag has a wide selection of organic hemp rolling papers in everything from the regular to the king-size variety. They are ultra-thin and make rolling joints a piece of cake!

You can buy them by the pack of 50 or in a carton of 24 packs, depending on how much you think you will smoke! If you buy a full carton, you and your friends will be rolling machines with these rolling papers.

Shine 24k

Have you ever thought that it would be nice to roll a joint made out of gold? Now you can with Shine 24k rolling papers.

These papers are made out of a hemp base with a non-toxic 24k gold coating. Of course, this doesn’t come cheap, and each package only contains one piece of paper for a very high price. It’s best to save this particular rolling paper for a special event.


If you like the Shine brand but aren’t willing to shell out for the 24k rolling paper, then the Blaze by Shine rolling papers are the next best option.

Made from rice, these rolling papers can be a bit difficult to manage for beginners but are highly recommended for veteran smokers. These papers are best folded into cones, so if you are looking to roll tubes, you are better off looking at a different brand.

There are 32 Blaze rolling papers per pack, and they come at what is considered a medium price for rolling papers.

Edie Parker Flower Rolling Papers

If you are looking for a way to make smoking joints a little cuter, then grab a pack of the Edie Parker Flower rolling papers. They are made out of rice paper and come in a pack of 40 papers.

The papers are clear, with little green flowers that look adorable when rolled.

The Edie Parker brand is known as a premium rolling paper brand, so these are a bit more expensive but worth every penny!


Trip rolling papers are a truly unique type of rolling paper. Made from artistic cotton mallow, these rolling papers will give you a smooth smoking experience.

These papers are clear and come with 50 to a pack, making them an absolute steal. They are on the thinner side, however, meaning they are more likely to tear if you aren’t careful as you roll!

Field Trip

Field Trip organic rolling papers are made from rice paper and are 100% vegan. The papers are printed with vegetable ink, making them a bit healthier than the soy-printed alternatives.

They come in a cute pack that can easily be slipped into your pocket or purse. They also come with filter tips, which is a nice addition that makes smoking them easier.

The only downside is that there are only 12 sheets of this paper per pack, making it a bit on the expensive side. But for those who want a guaranteed vegetarian smoking experience, these papers are the way to go.


Overall, there are several different types of rolling papers to choose from, and the one which is right for you will depend on the style of your smoking sessions. Take a look at our extensive collection of rolling papers to find the one you like best.
Once you’ve got your rolling papers, all you need is a quality rolling tray. Take a look at our rolling trays shop to find your dream design. And if you have gotten this far and realize you’d rather not roll your own joints, then it may be time to look at some pre-rolls!

Rolling Paper FAQ

Do you need to be 18 to buy rolling papers?

In the United States, you must be at least 18 years old to buy rolling papers. Convenience stores that sell rolling papers are required to check your ID before they sell them to you.

What papers are best for rolling?

The best rolling papers will depend on your personal preferences, but it’s always a good idea to select rolling papers which are all-natural, sustainable, and easy to roll, such as wood pulp, rice, or hemp rolling papers.

What is rolling paper for joints called?

Joint rolling paper is typically just referred to as rolling paper. Sometimes smokers will also call it hemp paper, weed paper, or simply joint paper.

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