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I about tackles the mailman, I was so excited to see the cannabox in the post . . . And rightfully so!!! The goodies were spot on, and excellently chosen for me in my cannapacks. Thanks 😊

Juicy Jay 1 1/4” Super Fine Sticky Candy Rolling Papers

Love these skins

Best papers ever... Have to look and not roll them backwards tho!! Done that multiple times. Slow 🔥 best papers

Love it


Great piece

Great item and fast delivery. Thanks again, cannabox


It was simple and easy. I loved the box. It is a gift hubby and he said everything looks great! Im so happy with this. And the fact that the tshirt and glass wear match was beyond cool!!!

The only water pipe you would ever need 👏🏻

The bubbler is wonderfully designed, has a great function on it, not to mention it’s comfortable and compact feel, once in your hand. Easy to use, has a smooth and easy rip


Loved it!

Love it!

Perfect size, hits great! 100% satisfied!!

Dragon-Red Sherlock is Pretty Smooth

This is my first Sherlock style pipe and I bought it because I heard the design helps cool off the smoke. Because it’s curved and not straight, there is more distance for the smoke to travel before it gets to your mouth.

This pipe is a striking red color. The bowl is fairly deep for sharing. But not so deep as to waste product if just using it alone because the funnel-shaped bowl allows you to put les product in and still get good draws. The carb is on the left side and there is a glass knob on the right side that helps you hold it easier. That knob also allows you to lay the pipe on its right side without spilling the bowl.

The pipe draws well and will give you a good amount of smoke to inhale. The carb works but I still have a hard time clearing the smoke from the pipe. As far as a cooler, milder smoke, I do think it is milder than my 5” straight glass pipe. I believe it has a better draw and is milder. I’m using glass daisies as my screen.

Would I buy this pipe again? I would. It’s a great addition to my collection.


Absolutely love this lil chubbler and so does everyone that tries mine. Hoping they come back in stock because I have like 5 friends that want one after using mine. Ty cannabox for providing sick glass!

Great little bong

Great little bong

Great Shirt

The shirt was a great gift that I bought for my husband! It fit great and we got a ton of compliments everywhere we go when he wears it! It was on sale and worth every penny! Multiple people have asked for info on where they could get one! My husband enjoys wearing it and thought it was one of the neatest gifts that I got him!


I purchased the Cannapack and it was perfect for me! Highly recommend. Quick shipping. Best Value! Thanks Yall!

Awesome stuff

I show and suggest this to all my friends every month

Raw Black Bandana

Love it

I loved this piece so much when i got it from my cannabox that I purchased one for my best friend.

Raw Black King Size Rolling Papers


This shirt is the most comfortable shirt ever!! I am very happy with my purchase

Loved it

Everything in the box was great

Juicy Jay 1 1/4” Marshmallow Rolling Papers


This was the BEST cannapack! Love everything.....I NEEDED everything I recieved. It was like y'all talked to me and got a list of what I needed. The snack was out of date but other than that it was sheer PERFECTION! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!


The Most Trusted.

Cannabox has been selling online since 2013 with a focus on providing the best subscription box experience possible.  Since then, we have also added an extensive catalog of more then 400 vaporizers, glass pieces, hand pipes and many more accessories. We only sell products we believe in and use ourselves. 

Phoenix, AZ USA


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You’ll also be joining our sweet
Cannafam! Stay updated with
the latest theme and sales.