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4.8 out of 5


We have achieved 4.8 out of 5 based on
5000+ reviews & counting

Based on 5375 reviews

Overall perfection. Just wish i could have chose the color

How freakin cute

I love it! Works perfect n so cute!


I LOVE my little apple! Its the first one ive used and its perfect. Plus the shipping is super fast. Im definitely gonna be a repeat customer ;)

Puffco peak atomizer

10/10 would recommend Cannabox for purchases. Came faster than expected delivery time, shipped the day after ordering, and is an authentic puffco peak model atomizer.


Great little box

My fav box yet

This was and has been my favorite so far, the honey comb pipe is so amazing and is super smooth, love you a

Amazing peice

It’s a good size, and it hits great!

Excellent product

Great, fast delivery.

MJ Arsenal Claude Mini Dab Rig

Cannabox Apple Bong
Christine S.
Great Apple Pipe

I bought this to replace the one that came in my Subscription box. We used it a lot, it got knocked over and the mouth piece broke off. I glued it a couple of times but it just wouldn't stay. So I just bought a new one. Out household is a big fan of this one!! Very smooth!!

Love this box

I've been with cannabox for more than 2 years and I tell everyone who will listen, this is the best box in the game

Cannabox clipper lighter

Great lighter. Works perfectly.

So happy then so saddened

I was so extremely excited to get this piece! Her name was Bloopzy, she was loved and cared for like no other... then my adult child got her locked up in evidence at our local police station... farewell Bloopzy, times were good when we had them 😭 I don't think she can ever be truly replaced

Good Sessions

Session Goods definitely worth the money. A phenomenal experience with an expertise design that leaves me feeling very happy while cleaning with the compatibility of the caps that I purchased on the website from Session Goods. Cleaning now happens much more often with the selection options of two bowls and a down stem that seems really small but the simplest yet most amazing pulls ive ever had. Tastes spectacular and the wide opening allows for a more comfortable and yet extraction from smoke to lungs gives the most flavor and the smooth relief making the perfect rip without an awful exhale and cough. I cannot get over this is by far my favorite piece in my lifetime they have colors to change with the bowls tab and the bottom grip but I have charcoal it’s a beautiful pick the cleaning caps are the same color the pipes they sell look worth checking out but I currently smoke flower and although I just bought this it’s going to probably be put away into storage as I’m moving soon away from flower and into vape because my hair will be dreadlocks soon and I want to maintain them with upmost hygiene and flower smoke doesn’t work for that. In this case I will be attempting the bong to be placed into a set up using a vaporizer on the bowl somehow and use it possibly to vaporize flower but I bought this without even this crossing my mind because how beautiful it is. I still have two months to enjoy this until I put it away into storage. Love the bong the handle for holding it is magnificent so many ways to grab and snag it with a sleak glass that is durable!

Cannabox Smokey the Stoney Ghost Mini Bong

UFO bubbler

I LOVE this little bubbler! Very well made and hits like a champ!


She loves it, now she has her own. She just needs to learn how to roll.

Perfect for individual use



Loved it

So happy with my purchase!!

Amazing 110%love

I was so excited when I was opening my mystery box. Love the shirt papers hemp rolls and to top it off I completely love the rocket bong that came as well. Haven’t used another one since.
Have ordered 2 more boxes and have also signed up for monthly subscription. Best ones on the market yet.

3 pack of mystery shirts from previous months

I love the shirts!! They are soft and comfortable, perfect fit!!


These are so cute & they taste great!

Gravity bong

This is a quality piece! Love it!


Great products!

Cannabox has been selling online since 2012 with a focus on providing the best monthly weed subscription box experience possible. Since then, we have also added an online smoke shop with an extensive collection of more than 400 vaporizers, bongs, bubblers, hand pipes, weed grinders and many more smoke shop accessories that can be purchased online. We only sell products we believe in and use ourselves. 

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