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The Most Trusted Smoking Subscription Box.
Check out our 6000+ customer reviews and find why cannabox is the only weed subscription box and smoke shop you need. 

4.8 out of 5


We have achieved a 4.8 out of 5 rating based on
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Based on 7450 reviews
Where has this been my whole life!!

OMG, I bought this off of Groupon as a lark, but quickly made it a regular subscription. For any smoker who enjoys a different experience cannabox provides all needed smoking accessories in their monthly kit. Each month, I get a new bong, a rolling papers and accessories that I probably would never come across in my daily travels. They pack enough to carry me through the month, mostly!! Lol, it was the best $35 I ever spent and will continue to spend. Oh!! I can’t mention how awesome the T-shirts that come with the Cannabox are. Soft and always awesome. I’ve been smoking for almost 25 years, and I wish they had something like this a long time ago. Definitely delightful!!

Piping HOT 🔥 👌

Best wooden spoon hits I’ve ever taken!

Juicy Jay Candy Cane Rolling Papers 1 1/4”

A pretty good piece

I purchased on a whim, and am happy with it. I haven’t hit a gravity bong since I was a kid, so it’s a nice bit of nostalgia in modern form

I recieved the shorty and like it

Fantastic quality and functionally.

This is a NICE bowl. The craftsmanship is impressive and the glass sparkles like crystal in the light. The chamber is actually bigger than it appears in the pictures, but it still fits in your hand comfortably. The bigger chamber was a nice surprise as it let's you take hits that rival a bong if you like. The control you get over hit size immediately stands out from other bowls upon first hit, and you'll quickly figure out your perfect draw. The claim of being heavy duty is quite accurate. It feels like you could chuck this thing at a wall and you'd only hurt the wall. I wouldn't recommend doing that, ijs lol. Another thing I like is the width and shape of the bowl head. It sits flat on the table with the mouthpiece in the air. The stem and mouthpiece don't angle to the table so it can't roll if it gets bumped. All in all, this is a bowl that can really stand out in a crowd and the quality is top notch.

MJ Arsenal Ursa Mini Dab Rig
spencerschlebach1994@gmail.com S.

MJ Arsenal Ursa Mini Dab Rig

Great for beginners

After owning both the peak and peak pro I can definitely say the proxy is an amazing product. Very smooth hits admittedly the dabs start feeling hot on the white setting which can be unpleasant compared to the peak but that’s to be expected from a dry dab. But compared to my peak the taste comparisons is way better. Clouds seem bigger off the proxy compared to the peak. The cleaning process is way easier then the peak. definitely good for new user with my peak broke the atomizer a couple times due to crappy cleaning the proxy is so simple to clean. Only thing that sucks about the proxy its not meant for group usage, this id purely a individual device unlike the pro heating time on the proxy is only 30 secs compared to the potential 2 min with the pro. I was lucky enough to be blessed up by cannabox so ended up paying 6 dollars more then peak ($256). For that price it’s definitely worth it if you’re going to get it definitely get it through a discount definitely not worth 300. It’s a fun little collectors item that’s what I see it more as my main way of smoking, but definitely worth having.

Stoned Cold

As always, LOVE the box! I love that the ornament piece can actually be used as an ornament!

didn treceive december boxes

Looks awesome

Nice and heavy. Definitely larger than I was expecting. Looks awesome!

Huge hit

The person I gifted this to said it was their most favorite Christmas present

Amazing as always

Very happy with items received. Always love the t-shirts & accessories that are included.

It was great. I love the products I purchased.

HIGH Review

It was wonderful. I had this sent to a friend for Christmas and thought it would be late but y'all got it there on time even though I forgot the apartment number; and she LOVED it.

Love it

loved it

Loved it

Probably the coolest thing I’ve purchased online probably ever

Great rig

Xmas present for my boyfriend

Cannabox 1 Month Non-Recurring

Lots of fun!

This was recommended by a friend. I ordered a one month subscription and a sampler pack. So many goodies to explore and try. I would "highly" recommend Cannabox to anyone.

They work great super cute

Great stuff

Very good

Awesome gift!

I bought for my husband for Christmas. I was highly impressed! I did order another one for a friend.

The Perfect Gift

It was awesome, got it as a gift for my sister this christmas and she loved it. Gonna order one for myself too

UFO Glass Water Bong
Giovanniel A.

UFO Glass Water Bong

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Cannabox has been selling online since 2012 with a focus on providing the best monthly weed subscription box experience possible. Since then, we have also added an online smoke shop with an extensive collection of more than 400 vaporizers, bongs, bubblers, hand pipes, weed grinders and many more smoke shop accessories that can be purchased online. We only sell products we believe in and use ourselves. 

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