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Join now and SAVE 30% off your first box! CODE: HIGHTHERE • Subscribe Now

$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

All shop orders include a FREE mystery bong ($15 min purchase) • SHOP NOW

Join now and SAVE 30% off your first box! CODE: HIGHTHERE • Subscribe Now

$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

All shop orders include a FREE mystery bong ($15 min purchase) • SHOP NOW

UNBOXING: Cannabox September 2023 Spiritual

Unboxing Cannabox September 2023 Spiritual

This month, we’re elevating the mind, body, and spirit that much more with an unworldly selection of 420 accessories. For September and new fall beginnings, our monthly cannabis box is chock-full of cannabis gear that’ll help you get in touch with your spiritual side.

So hit pause on all of the chaos in your life and get ready to unbox this stoner box subscription your rituals won’t want to miss! Keep reading as we unveil this month’s cannabis box subscription that’ll help you feel enlightened and awakened.

Cannabox Star Tarot Round Hand Pipe 

We can’t talk about spirituality without getting into tarot, and luckily for Cannabox recipients, your deck starts off strong with this star tarot hand pipe. Showing off a unique round shape, this pipe will put you in an extra supernatural mood as you stray away from the common pipe shape. Consider it your very own flying saucer to take your mind into space! 

Inside the middle of the 4” inch pipe, you’ll find an ample sized bowl and a conveniently placed choke for smooth puff, puff, passing. Simply place your lips on the concealed mouthpiece and watch as the smoke swirls and leaves you seeing stars in no time.  

Cannabox “The Stoner” Tarot shirt

Keeping on theme with the tarot energy, next you’ll find our selection for this month’s cannabis subscription box t-shirt, and “The Stoner” tarot card shirt. With a fun and vibrant skeleton, cannabis leaf, and mushroom design, you’ll find the roman numerals CDXX for 420 on top of the card, signifying exactly what your future holds. Nothing but good times and high vibes! 

Every Cannabox t-shirt is made with premium cotton for ultimate comfortability and longevity. Consider this the shirt of the season, as you’ll be able to show off its eclectic and elevated design all the way through Halloween and even year round! The white color is fashionably versatile, while its colorful design will match practically anything and everything – and will have everyone talking. 

RAW Ash Catcher Joint Holder

We love joints. But we don’t love the ashy mess they can leave behind, wherever we decide to light up (we’re looking at you, toker in bed!). Enter the RAW Ash Catcher joint holder into the conversation. This unique device attaches cleanly to your RAW cone or rolled joints and catches your ash as it falls when you’re too busy exploring the space of your mind – and forget to ash it yourself. 

The heat-resistant nylon cone is 100% safe for use and is a must-have for any regular joint smoker. With a compact size that fits in the palm of your hand, the ash catcher can easily be thrown into any bag or satchel for on the go use, too. This latest model is even equipped with a silicone curb on the sides to enhance grip and ensure a smooth experience all around.

Elements 79mm Rolling Machine

Rolling joints can be a struggle for so many, but not with this handy dandy helper. This month’s cannabis subscription box is helping you become harmonious with rolling your own with the Elements brand 79mm rolling machine. Considered the “gold standard” in loose herb rolling machines, in just 4 simple steps, you’ll have a perfectly rolled joint to light up and enjoy. 

Made with acrylic, the machine is specifically designed for 78mm-79mm papers and any flower of your choosing. Kick back and relax from taking the time to manually roll yourself, and use the time to become one with your own spirit this month! 

Moon Rolling Papers

Keeping up with the out-of-world theme are this month’s stoner box subscription papers from Moon. One of the freshest rolling papers to hit the scene, the Moon pack looks as cool as its papers smoke. The 1 ¼ size is perfect for individual or group seshes, and you and your circle will dig the ashless, burning nature. 

Made from rice paper, the papers are ultra thin to improve the tasteability of your favorite flower flavors and slow burns too. Featuring natural arabica gum, rest assured your experience is as au-naturel as can be to help you get in touch with your earthly and spiritual sides. 

Artisanal Hemp Dutch Cream Hemp Wraps

Nothing screams heavenly more than Dutch cream flavored hemp wraps, amirite? For special group sessions, save these divine and ultra refined wraps. Made with all natural vanilla flavoring, this wrap packs a punch with its smooth and subtle vanilla notes. Simply add your favorite creamy and sweet strain to increase the delicacy of each puff, which you can even reserve for special occasions. Each pack comes with two wraps and is resealable to keep fresh. 

Clipper Lighter Hippie Theme

Unboxing Cannabox September 2023 Spiritual Hippie Clipper Lighter

Of course, you’ll need something to spark up your star tarot hand pipe, rolled joints, and hemp wraps, and that’s why every Cannabox monthly stoner box comes with a clipper lighter, too. This month, the lighter comes with a hippie design to match the celestial and spiritual vibes of the rest of the pieces. The compact, cylindrical shape fits perfectly in your pocket or small spaces for traveling, and it always flicks smoothly and with a full flame. 

Are you singing the praises of the Cannabox spiritual side already? Don’t miss out on future themes and the best cannabis subscription boxes. At Cannabox, we make it simple to re-up your stash of needed cannabis accessories each month while making it even more fun to partake! Enhance your plant wellness routines and get your very own cannabis box subscription today! Join the Cannabox community by signing up today, or browse our shop to discover exclusive bongs, dab rigs, hand pipes, rolling papers, smoking accessories, and more – on demand.

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