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Stundenglass Gravity Bong Flip Review

gravity flip bong for sale

Introducing the gravity bong – redefined!  The Stundenglass is a unique innovation that has taken the basic idea of a gravity bong and turned it into the best possible version of itself. Available at our online smoke shop, this incredible, innovative hourglass gravity bong will change the way you smoke.

What Are Gravity Bongs? 

A gravity bong is a cannabis smoking method that uses both air and water to draw large amounts of smoke. They are traditionally made from cutting a bottle in half. The lower bottle is filled with water, while the top bottle contains a bowl filled with cannabis. Users will submerge the top bottle into the water, and then draw the smoke out by slowly pulling the bottle up. 

Gravity bongs were seen as one of the best ways to get a lot of smoke out of a small amount of cannabis. That is until the Stundenglass came around and changed the game.

Introducing The Stundenglass Hourglass Gravity Bong

For all intents and purposes, the Stundenglass is a gravity bong. But it’s not the gravity bongs we used as kids. The Stundenglass gravity bong is made with two interconnected glass rounded mason jars. The jars are spun back and forth to create a water flow that will draw the smoke and deliver incredible hits. 

What Does the Stundenglass Come With? 

The Stundenglass comes with the gravity bong itself, a hookah hose and dish, multiple mouthpieces, a magnetic gasket for the hookah attachment, a bowl, and a G-pen connect that automatically heats. Users can use their own bowl or banger with the  Stundenglass as long as they’re 14mm compatible. 

This is an all-in-one experience that can accommodate a banger, a bowl, and can even be turned into a hookah. 

How to Use A Gravity Bong? 

The Stundenglass hourglass gravity bong is a contactless smoking experience, meaning you can hit it without actually putting your mouth on the device. The water will fill back and forth from one chamber to another, pulling the smoke into the opposite chamber. As you spin the jars, the smoke and water will continue to separate, eventually leaving you with giant clouds of your favorite cannabis product. Once the jars are filled up, vapor will pour out of a tube that users can inhale easily.

Users don’t have to put their lips on the mouthpiece, making the Stundenglass perfect for those who want to avoid sharing the mouthpiece. One common worry with the automatic smoke system is that you will waste smoke. However, if you tip the jars sideways, the smoke will stop pouring out, allowing you to control the smoke flow. 

Stundenglass Advantages

There are many advantages to using the Stundenglass instead of a regular bong or even a traditional gravity bong. The Stundenglass yields huge amounts of smoke. It’s a completely novel and unique smoking experience that you and your friends will appreciate. It uses your weed more efficiently than a bong. Unlike a gravity bong, which can hit harshly, the Stundenglass jars come with downstems for ultimate percolation. With how hard the Stundenglass hits, you’re gonna need those measures to cool down your smoke. 

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