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$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

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Join now and SAVE 30% off your first box! CODE: HIGHTHERE • Subscribe Now

$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

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The Best Ways to Smoke Weed in 2021

GRAV Labs Sip Series Coffee Mug Bong

What’s the best way to smoke weed? Well, that’s a trick question: there are so many different ways to smoke weed and each has its own benefits. For some, discretion is of utmost importance and a vaporizer is all that will do. For others, the tactile nature of rolling a joint just can’t be beaten. 

So what can you smoke weed out of? Well, if you get creative, just about anything. Apples have famously been hollowed out for use as pipes, and corn husks have historically been used in the same way. But, trust us — these are not reliable ways to light up. 

In this article, we will explore the best ways to smoke weed, including age-old favorites and modern innovations alike. We will also cover how to smoke weed from each apparatus. Sit back, light one up, and follow along with us. 


If simplicity is what you’re after, you can’t beat a well-rolled joint. That’s where most people stop though, as getting a joint to the status of “well-rolled” can be quite the challenge for some. Well, it doesn’t have to be a challenge these days, as pre-rolled cones are widely available and provide an easy rolling experience. Just pack the paper, twist the top, and you’re all set to light up. 

Joints are often hailed for their portability and discretion. They are much easier to conceal than other smoking accessories, and you burn all the “evidence” as you consume it. Plus, most people just mistake them for a cigarette from afar. Someone would have to be really stoned to mistake your bong for a cigarette.

Pre-Rolled Cones

Some of us just can’t be bothered to learn how to roll. If you still want to get in on the joint and blunt game, feel free to try out pre-rolled cones. Preparing a cone is not much different from loading a bowl, as all you have to do is pack your ground herb into the roll. They are one of our favorite ways to smoke, as the rolling-up process could not be simpler. 

King Palm Leaf Cones

Many tokers can’t stand the harsh hits that tobacco blunt wraps provide, so many turn to tobacco-free alternatives. King Palm has been providing pre-rolled cones made from Cordia leaves and a corn husk filter tip since 2016. They smoke slow and heavy like a blunt, but they don’t require you to split and roll the wrap like other brands. Just pack the roll with the included packing stick and you are ready to light up. Additionally, they provide rolls with terpene-infused filter tips that are an excellent substitute for the flavored tobacco wraps that many enjoy.

Because of the lack of tobacco, King Palm cones smoke much smoother. They are organically grown and the flavors are produced with food-grade essential oils, as opposed to the questionable “dips” used for flavoring tobacco wraps. There is a humidity pack included in packages of 5 or more cones, so you’ll never end up with the dried-out wraps that are common with traditional tobacco products. In addition, their cones range from personal-sized to a XXL model that is capable of fitting 5 grams of cannabis flower.

Cyclones Hemp Cones

Cyclone has been producing a variety of rolling papers for years, including clear cellulose cigar wraps and herbal cones. Recently, they added flavored hemp cones to their lineup. The pre-rolled cones are made from all-natural hemp and come in blueberry, grape, natural, and strawberry flavors. The wrap is said to go through a “Triple Dip” for a consistent flavor, but the exact ingredients of their flavoring system are unclear. 

Raw Pre-Rolled Cones

The Raw Classic papers are some of the most popular rolling papers in the industry, so Raw went ahead and made things simpler for everyone. Raw’s cones use the same high-quality hemp papers that smokers fell in love with, but with the addition of a pre-installed filter tip. As you would expect from Raw, the cones are made from unbleached and unrefined hemp paper, filling them only takes a few moments. If you are interested in joints but don’t know how to roll yet, you can start with Raw’s hemp cones. 


If a joint is marijuana’s equivalent to a cigarette, then the blunt can be thought of as a cannabis cigar. And while a joint can be shared, a blunt is practically required to be shared and is a common way to consume cannabis in social settings. Most blunts incorporate at least a gram of cannabis flower, but larger blunts can contain 5 or more grams. That’s a lot of bud. 

Blunts are usually crafted from an existing cigar. First, the cigar is split down its side and the tobacco is removed. Then, coarsely ground cannabis is added back to the wrap. The wrap is then rolled and sealed with a lick. 


Volcano Hybrid Dry Herb Desktop Vaporizer Mouthpiece

Price: $700 

In the past decade or so, the cannabis vaporizer industry has grown leaps and bounds. While vaporization has been possible for decades, technology has evolved to allow for big advancements in the production of reliable vaporizers. Today, companies like Storz & Bickel and Pax are household names (in cannabis-friendly homes, that is). The Volcano vaporizer is known as the top-of-the-line vaporizer, but more affordable options like the Flowermate Slick or the G Pen Dash are readily available at under $100. 

Cannabis vaporization has grown in popularity due to the perceived health benefits and the lack of aroma. The devices heat your herb above vaporization temperatures (around 300°F), but the real trick is keeping the temperature below the combustion point (around 450°F). As there is no smoke produced, there is little to no smell for others to find. This is a feature that generations before us would have loved to experience, as stealthy marijuana consumption has always been nearly impossible. 

Additionally, using a vaporizer provides a more full-flavored cannabis experience. Without the smoky flavors of combustion to overpower your tastebuds, the terpenes and natural tastes of cannabis are allowed to shine. Also due to the lack of smoke and combustion by-products, the intensity of your high is much more manageable and usually fades away in a quicker time period. The effects of vaporization can be contrasted with that of a dab or bong rip, which can be much more overwhelming and last for several hours or longer. 

Marley Natural Glass & Walnut Spoon Pipe

Marley Natural Wood and Glass Spoon Pipe

Price: $34.99+

“Want to smoke a bowl?” This popular question amongst stoners usually refers to a glass pipe packed with ground bud, waiting to be lit. A true classic, the weed pipe but with wood for a more elegant design can be found for sale on our website. When first learning how to smoke weed, this is most people’s go-to option. 

A glass bowl works best with finely ground weed. If you don’t have an herb grinder, your fingers can do the job. Load the herb into the bowl, light it, and inhale. Oh, and don’t forget to pass it. Just make sure you keep that pipe clean so you can enjoy the fresh flavors of your herb. 

Dab Rig

RoK Pulsar Vaporizer

Price: $250

Another newcomer to the cannabis consumption game is the Pulsar Rok dab rig, they have only been in use since the early 2000s. While cannabis concentrates have been produced and consumed for decades, they were usually just added to joints or bowls. Well, as cannabis extraction methods have become more refined, so has the consumption hardware. 

The dab rig is used to vaporize wax, shatter, or other cannabis concentrates. The quartz, titanium, or ceramic rig is heated to 350+°F and the concentrate is applied to the nail, creating an instant plume of concentrated vapor. If you are new to this method of consumption, it is always advised to start small. The effects can be overwhelming and there’s no need to be a hero. For a less harsh experience, just wait longer for the nail to cool down.


Cannabox September 2020 Invasion UFO Bong

When puffing on a pipe or joint won’t quite cut it, it’s time to break out the bong. The bong is the granddaddy of smoking vessels and it’s what comes to most people’s minds when they think of the best way to smoke pot. The bubbly sounds of a bong are commonly used in weed-friendly music and can bring waves of nostalgia and desire to stoners. 

A bong follows the same principle as a glass bowl. Finely ground herb is loaded into the bowl and then ignited. This time, however, the smoke builds up in the bong’s chamber until you remove the bowl from the chamber. Then, you can inhale the milky smoke until you’ve had your fill. 


To answer our initial question, the best way to smoke weed is the way that works for you. We have given you a few of the most popular ways to spark up. With all of the different ways to smoke weed, it might be hard to choose at first. If you need a place to start, the glass bowl is one of the simplest and most reliable ways to smoke weed. Otherwise, we are partial to rolling up using pre-rolled cones like King Palm rolls.

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