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$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

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Top 15 Stoner Christmas Gifts For Him And Her

best 15 stoner gifts for sale

Christmas is right around the corner! Check out this year’s list of gift recommendations for stoners, or for treating yourself. We have put together the most comprehensive list of cannabis smoking accessories for the perfect gifts. Also mixed into the list is our suggestions of the best dab accessories for sale at our online smoke shop.

We pride ourselves on working with the global cannabis community to deliver the most versatile and functional smoke devices and accessories. Founded in 2012, our Cannabox subscription service has since evolved into a go-to place for 420 accessories for sale. Consumers love our monthly subscription boxes; these allow users to receive a monthly package delivered filled with cannabis goodies. We work with the global smoke community to bring customers unique and a lot of value. That includes the best gifts perfect for the holidays. Regardless of what you are looking for, check out below for the essential holiday gift guide to Cannabox, where you can get all your cannabis Christmas shopping done quickly and efficiently. 

15. Tiny and Portable Dab Pens for Wax Lovers 

dab pens

These are another excellent stocking stuffer for on-the-go tokes. Wax pens are on the rise, with more cannabis consumers loving their versatility! These are tiny, portable, and great for travel. Many dab pen batteries are legal to travel with as long as cannabis or residue is not found with it. Wax pens are a bit smaller than your average vape but still pack heavy hitters. These are concentrate vaporizers that can be used to smoke your shatter, resin, oil, crumble or another form of concentrate. This is an easy way to heat and smoke concentrates without using an external torch or butane—the perfect gift for your girlfriend to carry around in her purse. We love the ease of use of dab pens offered on Cannabox. Wax pens are ideal for smoking concentrates of CBD, THC, CBG, and other cannabinoids. With more and more dab pens available on the market, it’s important to get devices that are well made to avoid leaky chemicals or bad batteries. Cannabox offers some of the best brands for this Christmas season, including Pax Pro, Dr. Dabber, and Grenco Science. 

14. Cannabox Stoner T-shirts And Merch 

stoner shirts

Who doesn’t enjoy a cannabis-themed t-shirt if your a fellow stoner? These t-shirts and merch are great gifts for longtime lovers of cannabis, folks working in the cannabis industry, and medicinal users that advocate for cannabis users alike. All of our Cannabox tees are custom designed, and many are featured in our monthly stoner subscription boxes. Combine a t-shirt with a glass pipe or water bong for free shipping. This is the perfect Christmas gift combo. Our t-shirts come in x-small, small, medium, large, x-large, and XXL. Made with 100% cotton and costing under $20. These are the perfect budget-friendly tees for your cannabis lover friends. Check out our last December t-shirt, “Snow Dazes,” a canna-festive Christmas-themed tee. 

13. Premium Grade Ashtrays For Cannabis

Does your girlfriend love joints or blunts? Have a friend that only smokes flowers? Ashtrays are essential for almost any cannabis user when working with dry herbs. Not only do ashtrays play a functional role in keeping burnt cannabis debris from getting everywhere. They are also a perfect place to set down a blunt or J without having to stop it from burning! Cannabox has tons of premium-grade ashtrays for smokers of all needs. They have silicone trays for more accident-prone stoners, as well as high-end glass and crystal ashtrays. Other products you can find under our ashtrays sections are ash catchers, perfect for raw cones. One of our highest-rated ashtrays is the Debowler Tray, which comes with a sharp end poker connected to it. Great for getting all the ash out of your bowl. 

12. Quick Heating Electric Dab Rigs For Concentrates

electric dab rigs for sale

Your concentrate lover or friend will more than appreciate an innovative electric dab rig as a Christmas gift. These are made for the perfect concentrate vaporization experience without the need for butane or a torch. Most modern electric dab rigs on our site are either battery or plug-in power sources. Dabbing without the added chemicals or butane makes for cleaner and healthier smoke sessions. Easy to use on the go and more discreet than your average rig plus torch combo. Our electric dab rigs come in various sizes, whether you are looking for something mini or a bit larger. Carrying brands such as Dr. Dabber, Puffco Peak, and Storz & Bikel, we recommend checking these rigs out as the perfect gift for the concentrate lover in your family. 

11. Puffco Peak Electric Smart Rig for Dabs 

puuco peak dab rig

Speaking of electric dab rigs, we Puffco Peak offer the Puffco Peak Smart Electric Dab Rig. One of the most famous and highly rated rigs in the global smoke community. If you really love the stoner in your life, get them the craziest Christmas gift of their dreams with this rig. With thousands of five-star reviews, lovers of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids bond over this electric dab rig and the number of features it offers its smokers. Cannabox continuously chooses to work with Puffco for the quality and functionality of products they put out. This rig makes for a clean and tasty smoke. Check out some of its most famous and beloved features below.  

  • Four heat settings with LED light smart band for the display of each setting 
  • Sleek and chic elegant design that makes for portability and discretion
  • Haptic feedback loops provide perfectly timed smoke inhales for the best of hits
  • A quick two-hour charge time can get you a full 30 dabs 

10. Portable Hand Pipes for Dry Herb Use 

portable hand pipes for dry herb

Hand Pipes are one of the most thoughtful and functional pieces to buy your pothead lover this Christmas. These are incredibly convenient ways to smoke and conserve dry herbs. Dry herb pipes are the perfect gift because you can’t go wrong with one from Cannabox. All of our pieces are well made versatile, and each has a creative design of its own. We have silicone pipes for your accident-prone stoner friend and on the go use. We also have a vast selection of top-notch borosilicate glass pipes. These frosted pieces are made for smooth inhalation and slow-burning.  Cannabox works with global cannabis glass blowers and artists to deliver the highest quality pipes and pieces on the market. Some of our most beloved brands are Grav Labs, Marley Natural, and Sessions Good. Best part? All of our pipes priced over $25 come with free shipping. 

9. Chillums and One Hitters Perfect For Travel 


One hitters are an excellent gift for those on-the-go smokers looking for more discrete ways of smoking. Is your busy white-collar friend an in the closet stoner? These are the perfect ways to hit small amounts of cannabis without getting crazy high. The one-hitter, or also called a chillum, is the ideal travel device for on-the-go tokes. They are essentially the same thing, although sometimes chillums can vary a bit in size. But are usually still pretty small and always highly portable. They are a bit smaller than the average size of a blunt glass piece. One-hitters are definitely more potent when smoking than a bong or your average dry pipe. So maybe not the best gift for a starting out stoner. Otherwise, these are the perfect stocking stuffers! 

8. Stoner Pouches and Smell Proof Bags For Discretion 


These pouches and smell-proof bags are the perfect gifts this holiday season for your stoner girlfriend or travel partner. These come in stylish backpack designs, purses, and even fanny packs. These storage bags are the cutest things ever. We feature only the most smell-proof and long-lasting storage bags because we understand how essential it is to cannabis use. Having a durable bag made specifically for dry herb products is necessary because how else can you functionally carry your cannabis on the go? Many of our storage bags are weatherproof, waterproof, and can take a lot of abuse. They are perfect for the outdoor smoke session. Coming with mesh pockets, combination locks, and dividers. Our storage bags offer all the most remarkable features eliminating the need to purchase these things on the side. Get the perfect gift today all in one. 

7. Magical Cannabis Butter Machine For Your Edible Friends

cannabutter machine for sale

Give your pothead friend the most unexpected and luxurious gift with this magical cannabis butter machine. This beautiful kitchen device is presented by Magical butter and featured on Cannabox to create the most infused oils, butter, and tinctures. Hell, skip buying this for someone else. This is the perfect gift to give yourself this Christmas. Create cannabis-infused foods easily with cannabis butter and get all your holiday guests giggling around the Christmas tree. This machine creates restaurant-worthy butter at home–but with weed! After decarbing your product evenly in the oven, simply grind up your material and add it, plus 2-5 cups of melted butter to the Magic Butter Machine. Check out below for more great features of this excellent device. 

  • Five temperature settings for easy regulation 
  • Makes 2-5 cups of butter per cycle
  • Ready in 1 hour! 
  • One button operation
  • Easy set up and clean up process

6. Durable Herb Grinders For Cannabis 

dry herb grinders

Grinders are the perfect stocking stuffer for the dry herb and cannabis lover in your life. They are a smoke essential and shouldn’t be taken for granted. These are amazing for shredding and grinding your cannabis to roll perfect joints. Ground weed also allows you to pack bowls tighter for longer smoke sessions.  Grinders are also legal to take with you on the go, as long as they are free of any cannabis residue. Our grinders featured on Cannabox come in various sizes and colors for you to browse and find the perfect gift. Many of our grinders range from holding about 1-5 grams of cannabis and come with kief collectors. Some of our highest-rated brands that can be found are Marley Natural Wood Grinders, Santa Cruz Shredders, and the Famous Cali Crusher. 

5. Cannabox Glass And Silicone Water Bongs for Cannabis

Bongs are a classic way of smoking cannabis and the perfect piece to pull out in any smoke session. Ask just about any stoner. A bong as a Christmas present is like candy to a kid. We include some of the most durable glass and silicone bongs on the market. All of our pieces have unique designs and features that make them their own. Bongs are pipes used with water and make for a cleaner, smoother smoke experience.  We offer bongs in tons of shapes and colors, including ceramic bongs for more decorative pieces, bubblers for mini and on-the-go devices, and recycler bongs that work to recycle your water and smoke, giving you huge clouds! We offer famous brands like Grav Labs, My Bud Vase, and Marley Naturals. Whether you’re looking for a simple beaker-style bong or a large decorative piece with a percolator and built-in ice catcher, Cannabox has you covered for this holiday season. 

4. Quality Surfaced Rolling Trays for Joint and Blunt Lovers 


Rolling trays are the perfect accessory to any stoner’s smoke kit and a great stocking stuffer gift for your pothead friends this winter season. These are made with smooth, flat surfaces dedicated to rolling joints or blunts. If you always make your lover the roller of the session, this is the perfect gift to give back to them. Our standard 5x7in rolling trays are perfectly functional and large enough for rolling standard-sized J’s. They can also fit neatly into a large purse or backpack. We also offer larger rolling trays for people looking to use their trays as places to hold their grinders, pipes, and bongs. Glossy surfaces allow for easy cleanup after rolling. Our trays are modestly priced from $7.99 to $15.99, making them a budget-friendly gift for this Christmas. 

3. Secure and Smell Proof Cannabis Storage 

Cannabox cannabis storage products are an excellent gift for any user because regardless of how you smoke, keeping your cannabis in a safe space is always a must. Keeping flower in a place like a smell-proof jar, backpack, small bag, or container will help it stay fresh. This will help to conserve dry herb and also hold its potency. Storage is also just an essential piece to have for stoners during any time of travel. Smell-proof jars and bags allow users to travel with less stress. We have various options of sizes. Mini stylish bags and jars can be perfect stocking stuffers, while larger travel bags such as the Raw Cone Duffle Bag can be a great gift set. Our storage units come in various forms, as mentioned above as well as materials such as glass, cloth, silicone, and plastic. We offer some of the highest-rated brands and storage pieces in the smoke community, such as Raw Cone, the Cali Crusher Soft Case, Staze Vacuum Sealed Jars, and Grav Cartridge Cases. 

2. Gravity Bongs for Heavy Hitters 

gravity bongs

Gravity Bongs are the perfect gift for the veteran smoker looking for an absolute way of getting high. Gravity bongs (also known as bucket bongs, GBS, or geebs) are water bongs that use gravity’s force to suction smoke out of the device chamber. Many stoners will remember their high school days when gravity bongs were simply a plastic bucket or cup and water bottle with a bowl that sits on the top. No more inhaling cannabis smoke through Coke bottles. We have brought the craziest smoke devices to our site for the holiday season. Seth Rogen approved. The Studenglass gravity bong can even be found on his Twitter!  These are made with high-quality glass for easy cleaning and dense smoke sessions. Get yours in time for the holiday season today, and watch your stoner buddy go insane when he sees the gravity bong back to life from his youth! 

1. Stoner Gift Boxes 

best stoner box subscription

Do you know that you want to get your stoner friend something cannabis-related for Chritsmas but have zero clue where to begin? These are perfect gift boxes for shoppers who aren’t as familiar with shopping for smoke pieces. They’re also great for just beginner users looking for a complete gift box! Cannabox is a highly regarded and first of its kind cannabis subscription service where consumers can receive monthly packages filled with products! These stoner boxes come with 5-8 cannabis-related goodies. Each box always comes with a themed smoke piece. Along with this will include rolling papers, ash or rolling tray, a T-shirt, some munchies, and more! Don’t have a subscription plan? No problem. We offer all of our past monthly and themed boxes available. Check out our latest December holiday box for the perfect holiday-themed stoner box! 

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