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$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

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Join now and SAVE 30% off your first box! CODE: HIGHTHERE • Subscribe Now

$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

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Types of Dab Rigs

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Dab Rig Outside

Dab rigs are a popular option for smoking THC concentrate. Dab rigs offer potent hits and are not for beginners. However if you are interested in getting into dabbing this info is for you. There are many different types of dab rigs and choosing the right one can feel overwhelming. Each type has their pros and cons, and ultimately, the dab rig that is the right one for you comes down to your preferences. There are dab rigs that are portable, electric, small, and so much more. Let’s take a look. 

In general, there are five types of dab rigs and three types of materials used:

  1. Glass Dab Rigs (glass)
  2. Mini Dab Rigs (glass or silicone)
  3. Silicone Dab Rigs (silicone)
  4. Recycler Rigs (glass)
  5. Electric Dab Rigs (electronic, with batteries)

Each rig type has its own features that affect your smoking experience. There isn’t a rig that is the best, or the worst, simply it’s a matter of your preference.

1. Glass Dab Rigs

MJ Arsenal Gemini Dab Rig
Classic. Great starter dab rig.

Dab rigs are the most common type of dab rig. These classic, traditional rigs are made of thick, strong glass. The glass used to make glass rigs is usually borosilicate or scientific glass. The glass is heat resistant, able to handle the high temperatures of dabbing. You can find sturdy  glass dab rigs in several shapes and sizes, typically standing between 7” and 12” tall. Glass rigs are great if you are just getting started with dabbing. You can use a glass rig to smoke wax, shatter, and rosin dabs. Pick your favorite glass dab rig from a large selection of designs. You can also add accessories and you are not sacrificing on the flavor. Glass dab rigs are versatile, durable, and affordable. They do need to be regularly cleaned. Glass dab rigs are a great starting point into dabbing with a lot of options to choose from.

2. Mini Dab Rigs

Great for on-the-go. Smooth hits.

Mini dab rigs are exactly what they sound like – mini. These rigs are small, usually under 7” tall. Mini rigs are typically made of glass, but you can also find some made of silicone. Don’t be fooled by the size though, these mini rigs pack a punch, giving you a sweet, smooth hit. The mini rigs are great if you want the convenience of a smaller rig: they are portable and great for on-the-go. In addition, you’ll have lots of options to choose from and these, just like the regular size glass rigs, offer the options to add accessories. Mini dab rigs are less expensive than traditional rigs: you get a smaller rig at a lower price, and the hits are the same if not smoother than traditional rigs. What’s not to love?

3. Silicone Dab Rigs

blue silicone dabbing rig
Inexpensive and indestructible. Portable and easy to clean.

Silicone dab rigs are solid. Durable and easy to clean is a great combo to have if you are looking for a long lasting rig. Silicone rigs come in many colors and patterns, you are sure to find your favorite design. They are easy to take apart and carry with you wherever you go. However, if flavor is critical for you, keep in mind that with silicone dab rig you lose a little bit of flavor. Silicone rigs are inexpensive, portable, and you can throw them in a dishwasher for cleaning.

4. Recycler Dab Rigs

Grav Labs Klein Recycler Bong
The smoothest, flavor filled dabbing experience.

Looking for a real smooth hit? Check out recycler dab rigs. These are the smoothest way to smoke dabs. Recycler dab rigs are typically larger, 8” or taller and they have one or more percolators that recycle the smoke before it gets to you. You can find some amazing designs with these rigs, however because they are tall and include percolation they can be more expensive than your regular rigs. Recycler rigs are top of the line rigs that are also great for collectors.

5. Electric Dab Rigs (E-Rigs)

puffco peak pro desktop vaporizer
Portable. Excellent temperature control.

Which Type of Dab Rig Should I Choose?

Electronic dab rigs (e-rigs) are the most portable rigs you can find. They fit in your pocket or small purse/bag. E-rigs are easy to use and offer excellent temperature control. E-rigs are electronic similar to vaporizers, that is, you do not need a torch. They have rechargeable batteries that make heating up fast and easy. Pricier than some of the other rig options, but if you are looking for a portable option with a quick heating time, an e-rig might be for you. Compared to dab pens, e-rigs offer smoother, more flavorful hits. The downsides are that they can be hard to clean and there are no accessories. E-rigs are convenient, portable, durable with a fast heat up time. If these attributes are important to you, take a look at an e-rig as an option.

Here are a couple things to keep in mind:

Size of the rig

Smaller rig = more flavor
Larger rig = bigger hits

Size of the mouthpiece

Small mouthpiece = more flavor
Large mouthpiece = less flavor

✅ Water rigs
❌ Dry Rigs

Look for a rig with water filtration.

1 Percolator = smooth hit
2 or more percolators = smoothest hit

Silicone = practically indestructible

At the end of the day, what type of dab rig is the best one for you depends on your preferences. If you are new to dabbing a glass dab rig is a good option. If you are frequently on the go, check out mini rigs, silicone rigs and e-rigs. If you want a quick heat up time, e-rig is the way to go.

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