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Join now and SAVE 30% off your first box! CODE: HIGHTHERE • Subscribe Now

$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

All shop orders include a FREE mystery bong ($15 min purchase) • SHOP NOW

Join now and SAVE 30% off your first box! CODE: HIGHTHERE • Subscribe Now

$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

All shop orders include a FREE mystery bong ($15 min purchase) • SHOP NOW

UNBOXING: Cannabox December 2023 Frosty Nugs

Cannabox December 2023 Frosty Nugs

What helps turn you into a happy, jolly soul? Frosty nugs! That’s why this month’s box has an extra-icy theme, with cannabis accessories that are sure to upgrade your corncob pipe. No matter the season, Cannabox is always adding a little magic to your plant wellness routines. 

Ready to hear what December’s cannabis subscription box is gifting our Cannabox recipients? Thumpety, thump thump, thumpety, thump thump, look at Cannabox go in-depth into this month’s cannabis gear goodies. 

Keep reading as we unbox each item one by one, like the slow burn of Christmas morning!

Cannabox Santa Hat Bong 

With a box full of toys, you’ll be filled with joy as the Cannabox Santa Clause drops off this one-of-a-kind Santa Hat bong. This mini and festive bong stands 5.5” tall by 3” wide for all the holiday rips you need. The 10mm joint has plenty of space to hold your frosty nugs as you spark and inhale through the hat’s pom-pon on top. 

This Santa Hat bong is simple to fill with water for cooled down, extra frosty hits, and has a sturdy base for all the holidaze fun. After the season, pack up your new bong with your holiday decor and feel extra delight every year when it’s time for hits from your Santa Hat again. 

Cannabox Most Beautiful High Shirt

Instead of celebrating the most wonderful time of year, celebrate the most beautiful high of the year! This exclusive Cannabox t-shirt features all the classic rasta colors and a warm and toasty graphic to light up every ‘fit. On the tee, you’ll find three skeleton stoners all cozied up around a fire, just steps away from a comfy holiday cabin. 

Roll up to the lively and animated stoner circle yourself, and puff, puff, pass with your freshest wardrobe pals. Made from premium cotton, the tee is comfortable for wear and long-lasting in nature.  

ITAL hemp wick (15.5 feet)

Speaking of circling a fire and paying homage to the all-natural, great outdoors, in this cannabis subscription box you’ll find an I-tal hemp wick to get in touch with your organic side. You’ll get 15.5 feet of the hemp wick that’s used to light your favorite joints, one-hitters, bongs, or bowls. Made with organic hemp and coated with beeswax, the wick burns smoothly and is easily extinguishable after use. Save your smoke from being tainted by potentially harmful butane toxins and inhale more organically with the I-tal hemp wick in this month’s stoner box subscription. 

Snail Holidaze Rolling Papers

Have yourself a merry little Holdaze with these Snail’s rolling papers in a special holiday edition. Because, what’s more fun than pulling up to the family sesh with Christmas-themed joints? Each retro pack has a fun and festive saying on it to brighten your daze that much more. The Snail brand rolling papers come fully equipped to roll your own filtered joint and even have a magnetic closure for portability and protection. 

Their king-size slim size is beloved for its ease of rolling and full-circle sesh capability (perfect for that cousin walk!). Inside the pack, the papers are ultra thin for smooth, slow burning, are unbleached, and made with wood pulp fibers and natural Arabica gum for an organic experience. The filter tips are also made from recycled kraft paper, and you’ll have enough of each to roll 32 joints! 

KUSH Sweet Hemp Wraps

Continue the frosty nug fun when meeting up with friends and family this season with the next monthly stoner box item: KUSH Sweet Hemp Wraps! Nicotine- and tobacco-free, these KUSH Sweet Hemp Wraps are smooth from start to finish and perfectly compliment whatever nug flavor you choose to pack inside. 

Made from Canadian hemp, you’ll get two all-natural and large-size wraps in the resealable pack that you can seal up and save for later or take along for the ride. Easy to roll and slow-burning in nature, enjoy every elevated, iced-out hit you can get from these KUSH Sweet Hemp Wraps. 

Clipper Lighter Renzo Leaves Design

Last, but not least, and a staple for every Cannabox monthly stoner box is the ultimate necessity—a Clipper Lighter! This month’s design features iconic renzo leaves in a variety of vibrant colors. Never miss another light with these bright and easy-to-spot clipper lighters—even if they’re in the hands of your best buds! 

The cylinder shape of the clipper lighter is perfect to pack in your pocket, stash bags, side by side with a joint or bowl, or in your small purse or wristlet. Have no fear Cannabox is always here to keep your lighter game fully stashed. 

Ghirardelli Gingerbread Cookie Chocolate

This month, we’re treating our loyal subscribers to an extra special munchie to enjoy as an after-sesh treat. Inside December’s monthly stoner box, you’ll find decadent Ghiradelli Gingerbread Cookie-flavored chocolate to further satisfy your sweet tooth and curb those cravings. 

Why save the gifts of cannabis accessories for one month only? Gift yourself the peace of mind of a well-stocked stash all year round with Cannabox. Cannabox is the premier stoner box subscription, specially curated by our team of canna specialists all 12 months of the year! 

From rolling papers, to hemp wraps, a new lighter monthly, and glass pieces, too, you’ll never have to worry about hitting up the smoke shop again, with your very own Cannabox subscription. Even better? Every month has an even more dope theme than the last! 
So keep your iced-out 420 supplies coming for all of 2024. Sign up for your very own cannabis subscription with Cannabox now.

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