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$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

All shop orders include a FREE mystery bong ($15 min purchase) • SHOP NOW

Join now and SAVE 30% off your first box! CODE: HIGHTHERE • Subscribe Now

$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

All shop orders include a FREE mystery bong ($15 min purchase) • SHOP NOW

UNBOXING: Cannabox February 2024 Cowboy

Cannabox February 2024 Cowboy

Wanted: quality cannabis accessories lasso’d directly to your door. Well, giddy up, partner, you’re in the right place! February’s cannabis subscription box from Cannabox is chock-full of all the 420 supplies you need, with a fun and frisky cowboy (and cowgirl!) theme.

So, save a horse and ride a cowboy of a good time with the cannabis gear headed your way! Before it arrives, catch this sneak peek of every item from February’s monthly stoner box. Now saddle up, and keep reading as we unbox the 420 accessories you’ll be saying howdy to soon. 

Cannabox Cowboy Boot

No, that’s not a snake in your boot… but it could be shake! Round up your favorite (or only!) flower to spark up, and place your bowl into this Cowboy Boot pipe to smoke it. Made with premium glass, this beautiful brown boot is adorned with classic western designs—almost like the real thing! It comes equipped with a sturdy base to help protect it from breaking or to stand proudly on your shelf of unique bongs and pipes. 

Whether you’re keeping it as a conversation piece or using it to spice up your daily rips, the Cannabox cowboy boot pipe is one-of-a-kind! 

Cannabox Cowgirl Shirt

Yee-haw, we reckon it’s time to get “high as heck” with this month’s Cannabox shirt—cowgirl style! Every cannabis monthly box comes with a new tee to show off, and February’s is one that’ll definitely get year-round wear. In a classic beige color with muted greens and browns, this cowgirl is sure to match everything and anything. The more you look, the more you’ll love, including the cowgirl’s special leaf-adorned boots that we wish we had a pair of ourselves. 

Made with premium cotton, this cowgirl shirt is as comfortable as she is charming and will be a wardrobe staple before you know it.  Throw on as your main ‘fit, or wear under your favorite flannel to elevate your look! 

Revolver Grinder

Put ‘em up, gunslingers, and get ready to grind today’s flower for the taking! This Revolver Grinder will soon be your fav for its unique chamber design and grindability for optimal fine consistency. The three-part grinder has a flower chamber and kief chamber, so nothing goes to waste. Every grind twists smoothly and opens up easily to get the goods for lighting up. 

It’s one grinder you’ll love showing off at the smoke sesh, and when they ask where you got it from, don’t forget to tell ’em it came from Cannabox! 

Cactus Rolling Papers

Give your hits the wild, wild, west treatment with none other than Cactus rolling papers. The Cactus brand is sure to always deliver a smooth and enjoyable sesh from the first roll to the final hit. Made in France, every paper is crafted with care and quality in mind for a luxurious experience. Even better? The unbleached nature lets you taste the raw flavor of the flower you select. 

The western theme of the pack will fit perfectly next to your Cowboy Boot pipe, and is the perfect size to throw in your bag or pocket. Add a tip to your Cactus Rolling Papers for even more filtered flavor, and rest assured—every paper rolls up and seals smoothly. 

Zig Zag Natural Hemp Wraps

Zig Zag is a leader in papers, and now a leader in all-natural hemp wraps! Packed in a resealable pack to retain their freshness, you’ll find some of the best hemp wraps on the market today. The 100% tobacco-free wraps are made from premium hemp that’s perfectly refined for lighting up and chiefing on. 

The packs come with two wraps each and packing straws to be sure your blunt is filled just right. One thing we love about Zig Zag natural hemp wraps is their slow, smooth burning nature, and au-natural flavor that lets the flower inside shine all on its own. 

Traveler’s Clipper Lighter

There’s nothing better than a new lighter with a new dope design. Except for one that’s delivered to you direct! Every month, our cannabis subscription box has a fresh lighter inside to add to your collection or to replace the one that’s losing fuel. For February’s cowboy theme, we’re showing off landscapes from the wild, wild, west, where cowgirls and boys roam free! 

Clipper lighters are our personal go-to’s for their robust flame (perfect for tipping into a bong or bowl!) and portability, with their cylindrical shape. Simply pack it side by side with your bowl or pop it in your pocket for use when you need it the most. 

2 Cannabox Stickers

From rolling trays to laptops, bulletin boards to nightside tables—wherever you place your stickers, save room for this month’s editions! We love when our Cannabox buds show off their love for Cannabox, hence the addition of two stickers in this month’s cannabis subscription box. 

In this rodeo of life…a good ol’ fashioned smoke session is a must to stay sane! At Cannabox, we strive to keep your wellness routines riding steady with no bumps in the road. That’s why every month, we’re curating all the cannabis accessories you need, with a theme you can’t wait to see! 

So, stop running to the store every week for your daily routines and get your cannabis fear delivered directly. Start your Cannabox monthly cannabis box subscription for the ultimate convenience, or shop our wide selection of cannabis accessories 24/7

Now, stay tuned for next month’s theme by following along on Instagram, and get 10% off your first order by signing up for our newsletter! 

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