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Join now and SAVE 30% off your first box! CODE: HIGHTHERE • Subscribe Now

$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

All shop orders include a FREE mystery bong ($15 min purchase) • SHOP NOW

Join now and SAVE 30% off your first box! CODE: HIGHTHERE • Subscribe Now

$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

All shop orders include a FREE mystery bong ($15 min purchase) • SHOP NOW

UNBOXING: Cannabox June 2023 Grass-Fed

Cannabox June 2023 Grass-Fed Cow Bong

Who says grass-fed is just for animals? As far as we’re concerned – humans should stick to a grass-fed wellness routine and many are to elevate their moods with good ol’ fashion ‘grass’ AKA the cannabis plant. Of course, to do so, you’ve got to keep up with your cannabis gear! 

That’s why every month Cannabox puts together the cream of the crop of cannabis accessories, to keep those grass routines well-fed. So, keep reading to learn all about our latest cannabis subscription box 

Cannabox Cow Bong 

Say mooooove over to your other bongs this month, and enjoy this mini Cannabox Cow Print Bong all summer long! The mini size and high-quality craftsmanship makes the piece ideal for traveling, as you take your routines out into nature this season. Simply fill the device with water, pack the ample sized bowl, and place your lips on the comfortably rimmed mouthpiece to enjoy. Inside, you’ll watch as the water infuses each hit with cooling bubbling action, for even smoother and cleaner hits. 

The outside of the bong is covered with a unique yet classic cow print pattern, that’ll match any stoner’s aesthetic. Keep on display year-round, or make it your go-to bong to keep your moo’d uplifted. 

Cannabox Moo’d Shirt 

Speaking of moo’d, meet our exclusive Cannabox Moo’d t-shirt! Every month, our cannabis subscription box features a new fashion to keep your canna wardrobe on trend. This month, we’re heading to the farm with this fun and vibrant design featuring our signature Cannabox cow (with a joint, of course!). As the cow puffs away, you can see the words “Grass puts me in a good mooood”  rising into a sky of sunshine and rainbows. 

The perfect addition to brighten up your summer apparel, and even better? Every Cananbox shirt is made with premium cotton or comfortable and long-lasting wear, no matter how often you wash! 

Raw Organic Rolling Papers

Nothing says au naturel, and grass-fed, like puff, puff, passing the old-fashioned way, with Raw Organic rolling papers. Made with organic hemp, the 1 ¼ size is perfect for individual or group seshes and allows you to taste the flower you fill it with, to the max. Raw papers feature unbleached fibers for the most organic experience, and also promote a smooth, even burn to avoid joint frustrations.

The pack comes with 50 leaves, keeping your 420 supplies full and ready for rolling all month long. Each paper features a natural gum, making them 100% vegan, and easy to seal, too. 

2.5” Black Storage Container

When you’re keeping up with a grass-fed mood diet, there’s always a need for more travel containers. This 2.5” sleek black pop-up container is perfect to toss in any bag, or backpack, for your travels while keeping your stash protected. 

The container works for loose flower, or already rolled joints (think your own pre-roll pack!) and blocks out light to protect the precious herbs inside! It also helps contain the pungent aroma you may be packing, and protects joints from flattening or flower from getting smashed/ 

Cyclones Natural Hemp Cones

If you’re having a care-free, slow-living kind of day, save yourself from rolling your own joints with these Cyclones’ Natural Hemp Cones. Made from hemp, these cones feature an innovative shape that makes filling it with flower even simpler than ever. The tube comes with two cones, and has a secure screw top for when you want to pack the cones for on the go, use and to keep them fresh while in tow. 

King Palm XL Milk & Cookie Wraps

There’s nothing like cookies, and milk, amirite? That’s why we’re pairing your grass-fed, cow-themed 420 accessories with these XL Milk and Cookies King Palm Wraps! When you need more than just a joint, these King Palm XL wraps come in handy to have. The wraps are made from palm leaves, making them 100% nicotine and tobacco free and lets you appreciate your flower’s herbal aroma and taste that much more! 

Each pack comes with two wraps, and two filter tips to even further enhance the flavor and to savor their notorious slow and smooth burning.  

Clipper Jet Black Soft Touch

At Cannabox, we love clipper lights for their functionality and versatility, but this month’s is one of our favs! The Clipper jet black lighter in this month’s cannabis subscription box features a soft matte touch, that’s as smooth as the flower you’ll be lighting. Pop the lighter in your handy storage container, your pocket or purse, and never be without when you need it the most.

Also coming along in this month’s stoner box subscription? Two stickers featuring themed Cananbox designs, to show off your love for the plant, farm-fresh flower, and your favorite cannabis subscription box, of course. 

Don’t have a cow, the next time you run out of cannabis accessories to help feed your daily grass routines… Instead, sign up for your very own cannabis box subscription that’ll deliver the goods directly! At Cannabox we simplify and automate the way you shop for the cannabis gear you need. 

Every month, our specialists curate specially themed 420 supplies – not just to make your month, finding out what surprises are inside. But, to be sure you never run out of the necessary cannabis accessories that help elevate your moo-d, too! 
Don’t wait another month to beef up your cannabis game, and let Cannabox steer the way… Sign up for the best cannabis subscription box available today and start dreaming of what fun will arrive on your doorset, next month! Get your Cannabox, now.

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