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Join now and SAVE 30% off your first box! CODE: HIGHTHERE • Subscribe Now

$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

All shop orders include a FREE mystery bong ($15 min purchase) • SHOP NOW

Join now and SAVE 30% off your first box! CODE: HIGHTHERE • Subscribe Now

$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

All shop orders include a FREE mystery bong ($15 min purchase) • SHOP NOW

UNBOXING: Cannabox May 2024 Dragon’s Breath 

Cannabox May 2024 Dragon's Breath

Riders, get ready! It’s time to take flight to all new heights by fire-breathing the best herbs and the best cannabis subscription box. Simply apply your flame, hang on tight, and get ready for the buzz of the month with everything in May’s Cannabox. 

All we can say is that a magical blaze awaits. So, without further ado, let’s begin unboxing all the goodies in this month’s Dragon’s Breath-themed cannabis box subscription. 

Keep reading to find out what treasures you’ll find for all of May’s side quests you plan to take. 

Cannabox May 2024 Dragon's Breath Bong

Dragon Bong 

You don’t have to believe in dragons to believe in the power of good ol’ old-fashioned earth (plant), wind (inhale), and fire (flame!) fun. This extraordinary Dragon Bong from Cannabox will be your ride-or-die to help on your journey of flying high. The deep crimson red glass is like no other and adds to the luxury of the bong’s overall design. 

You’ll take your hits from the dragon’s mouth and follow its smoke all the way down its scales, which end in your new creature’s tail. Conveniently placed underneath the bong’s bowl, serving as protection for your precious flower. The 5.5″-tall bong stands tall with a sturdy base to fill with water for an extra-cool and bubbling experience. 

Majestic and magical, you won’t want to keep this dragon in the dungeon! Instead, display the beauty with your luxury bong collection or use on the daily to feel extra adventurous (no sorcery, necessary!). 

Cannabox May 2024 Dragon's Breath Shirt

Dragon Shirt

Every month, the best cannabis subscription box elevates your wardrobe with a comfortable and 420-friendly tee to show off your love for the plant! In May’s box, you can become your own mythical being, flying high, in this one-of-a-kind Cannabox dragon shirt. 

Just in time for the premiere of House of Dragons this June, you’ll be reppin’ your love for all things GOT and POT all summer long. The classic red (no having to choose between green and black here!) tee stands out and shows off your true nature of flying high all day, every day.

The tee’s gorgeous dragon is rich in ornate colors of blue, pink, and yellow as she or he (choose your own gender adventure!) flies off into the sunset. 

Shine Blaze Papers

Sticking to our blazin’ theme, up next is the cannabis gear every stoner needs; Shine Blaze Papers. While Shine Co. is popular for their gold rolling papers, the brand’s regular papers are just as magic. The king-sized papers are made from a hemp blended rice paper offering you a super thin paper for premium tasteability. 

Even better? The papers are easy to roll, and simple to seal, helping you waste less and enjoy a sturdy joint. From light to finish, the papers burn smooth, and evenly for a no-hassle experience full of flavor. With 32 papers in every pack, it’ll keep your “joint a day” routines going all month long! 

The thing we love most about the Shine Blazed papers, is you can see right through to the flower inside. So, grab your prettiest purps or best-looking buds, to enjoy this out-of-world way to puff, puff, pass. 

Clipper Jet Galaxy Lighter

No need to announce “dracarys,” pre-sesh, because Cannabox is always bringing the flame! Tell your dragons to rest, while this month’s Clipper Jet Galaxy lighter provides all the fire you need. We love the clipper light style for its portability (it fits in any pocket, amirite?) and its consistent, reliable flick. 

The clipper brand, and design is wind resistant for the outdoor wanderers, and come with an adjustable flame to fit your size bowl or bong. Better than modern-day blinkers, simply hold the flame, hit, and enjoy the ride that’s to come! 

With an eyecatching galaxy design, you’ll be able to catch where you’ve left your lighter no matter the place. Unless of course, it’s in the pockets of the most frequent light thieve you sesh with and then you know you can prove it’s yours. 

Pulsar Alcohol Swabs

Anyone with a regular plant wellness routine knows, it requires a regular cleaning routine, too. The sticky-icky nature of plant flower, rosin, and wax, requires more than just soap and water. In fact, one of the only substances to cut through the gunk is isopropyl alcohol. Hence the Pulsar Alcohol Swabs you’ll find in this month’s stoner box subscription.

Say hello to your new BFF when it comes to easy clean up of your favorite devices! These swabs are made specifically to get into the hard to reach spots that affect your rip’s flavor, and overall quality. Not only are we keeping your flame going – we’re keeping it clean, too! 

All in all, with this month’s cannabis box subscription, you’re buzz battle ready with fire 420 supplies. At Cannabox, it’s our mission to keep your cannabis gear treasures, always stocked. That way, you can skip the trips to the store and spend more time ablaze. 

Simplify, and add a unique twist to your stoner game with the best cannabis subscription box. Sign up for your own, send a gift to your best “bud,”  browse the most recent themes you’ve missed or shop our cannabis accessories 24/7! 
Make Cannabox your go-to place to buy cannabis accessories online. We have a wide selection of bongs, dab rigs, hand pipes, and vaporizers that you won’t find at your home town smoke shop. Whether you’re a collector, connoisseur, or newbie, count on Cannabox for the cannabis gear you’ll always need.

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